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Used Car & Truck Window Regulators in Wisconsin & Illinois

Your window regulator is the instrument inside your car door that raises and lowers your power windows. They come in several different types - some that use a cable for movement, and others that use geared arms. The motor that drives the regulator can sometimes be replaced separately, but often the parts come as a single unit. When your window regulator or motor fails, it's time to replace the entire unit.

Used Window Regulator Price: $30 - 65

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Purchase replacement window regulators for less

At Sturtevant Auto, we carry thousands of scrap parts for hundreds of models. Brand new window regulators can cost over $250, and the labor to replace them can increase costs far more. Browse our 11-acre salvage yard and pick a new window regulator and motor for only $30, or let us pick one for you for just $65.

Affordable used window regulators

At our scrap yard, we collect thousands of cars and trucks for low-cost OEM auto parts. Don’t get stranded in the heat with a window that won’t roll down! Visit us to find gently used window regulators and parts for your vehicle. All used parts come with our 90-day guarantee.

How to know when to replace your window regulator

A defective window regulator will typically show symptoms and signs of wear prior to failing entirely. If it takes several presses on your window switch to get the window moving or if the speed is slower than usual, your regulator is likely on its way out. Other signs include clicking or grinding sounds coming from your car door when you press your window switch, or your windows raise or lower crooked/off track.

Recognizing a bad window regulator vs. window switch

When your power windows go bad, there can be several causes. If your power windows do not work but you haven’t experienced the symptoms above, you may have a bad window switch. Try turning your headlights on at night and pressing the switch. If your lights dim, power is likely flowing through the switch, indicating a bad regulator or motor.

Replace window regulator or motor for specific car brands

We buy any used or salvaged car in Wisconsin & Illinois and resell the used parts at a discounted rate for folks like you.

Get cheap scrap auto parts from our auto salvage yard

We buy and sell used and scrap vehicles in any condition to supply OEM auto parts. Want to get rid of your junk car or truck? We’ll take it off your hands and give you cash for it, even if we have to pick it up ourselves.

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We have a variety of window regulators for models such as:

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