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Whether you drive an import or a domestic, you have a lot riding on your suspension system. Worn out, damaged or broken shocks and struts can cause serious problems for any car, even well-built vehicles. If you're in need of replacement suspension, save your money and buy used from Sturtevant Auto. 

Our selection of 1000+ salvage cars means odds are we have exactly what you need. There's no need to pay high prices for brand new suspension when you can get perfectly good used shocks and struts for a fraction of the price. Without shocks and struts, your vehicle will not corner, handle or brake properly. So don't wait to get it fixed!

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Common Signs There's a Problem with Your Suspension

Hearing a strange new clunking sound in your car? Does your car rock and lean more than it ever has before? Maybe your truck is pulling to the left. These are all typical signs there's something's not right with your suspension. The problem could be as simple as uneven tire pressure or as complex and expensive as worn struts or shocks.

You can't ignore these problems. Learn to recognize the common signs your suspension is having problems and get them fixed before the situation gets even worse. Ignoring a problem does not solve it. If you experience any of the following symptoms of suspension issues, get it checked out immediately:

If your car or truck has a bad suspension, you are putting yourself and everybody on the road at risk. Drive on down to Sturtevant Auto, Wisconsin’s source for used suspension parts and get your car handling like new without breaking the bank.

Buy OEM used suspension in WI & IL

Quality, Used Car Suspensions Available in Milwaukee Area for All Car Brands

As your shocks and struts get old, they begin to wear out, providing poor handling and braking performance. Keep your car, van or truck in like-new condition by coming down to Sturtevant Auto and finding the used suspension parts you need on one of our salvage cars. We have a wide selection of all the top foreign and domestic vehicle makes.

Our pick-and-pull junk yard lets you find exactly what you need and remove it from the donor vehicle yourself. Or, if you’d rather not bring your tools, our friendly staff is always available to fetch the part you need. Whether you pick the part and pull it yourself or let Sturtevant Auto do it for you, you are sure to find the exact suspension piece your Nissan, Chrysler or other vehicle needs at a price you can afford.

Why buy a used suspension instead of new?

Suspensions, shocks, and struts, like all auto parts, are far more expensive when you buy them brand new. But just because a part was used before you doesn't mean it's poor quality. At Sturtevant Auto, we have suspension system parts available for all sorts of vehicles that are safe, reliable, and affordable. Contact us for more information about what we have in stock, or come down to see for yourself. 

Repair or Replace Your Truck’s Suspension with Used Parts

Your suspension is a vital component of your truck running properly and comfortably; it not only connects your truck to the wheels and helps support the weight of your vehicle, but it also enhances steering abilities, absorbs shock, and helps maintain tire contact. At Sturtevant Auto, you can trust us to provide you with quality truck parts at an affordable price. Whether you’re repairing a few parts on a damaged suspension or replacing it all together we can help you find everything you need. From coils and springs to entire shocks and suspension systems we have a variety of options, just for you. We salvage cars from various locations daily, to ensure that our valued customers have a better chance of finding just what they are looking for. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with finding your parts and can answer any questions you might have.

Signs of bad struts

  • Extensive tire or wheel shaking after driving over a bump
  • Bottoming suspension on uneven roads
  • Drive isn't as smooth as usual
  • Body swaying when turning a corner

We Buy Totaled Cars to Provide the OEM Parts You Need

If your 2000 Honda Accord LX needs new struts, do yourself a favor and stop by our 11-acre scrap yard to browse all the quality parts we offer. We offer up to $10,000 for junk cars because we want to offer you the best parts possible. Our inventory is essential to providing our customers with a huge stock of gently used OEM parts, so bring in your old car today and see how much cash you can walk away with.

Contact Wisconsin’s used car suspension parts dealer, Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard, for shocks and struts at unbelievable prices.

Reemplazar sus parabrisas con parabrisas de OEM usados

Parabrisas roto o dañado no es seguro para su y sus pasajeros. Parabrisas son un parte esencial del sistema de seguridad de su coche. Hay muchísimas tipos de parabrisas rotos, como una viruta, una grieta de la tensión o parabrisas destrozada del vandalismo. 

Hay muchísimas tipos de parabrisas rotos, como una viruta, una grieta de la tensión o parabrisas destrozada del vandalismo. Nuestros expertos pueden determinar si es necesario a arreglar o reemplazar su parabrisas. OEM parabrisas usadas son las mejores parabrisas y en Sturtevant Auto nosotros tenemos las más baratas. También tenemos cristal remplazar para autos para camiones.

También tenemos una variedad de piezas de coches por casi todos los fabricantes de carros. Y compramos autos usadas por más efectivo de cualquier lugar en Wisconsin o Illinois.

La fuente por partes de suspensión usadas en Wisconsin

Sin una suspensión que funciona su coche no puede romper o conducir correctamente. Eso puede ser muy peligroso por su y sus pasajeros. Reemplazar su suspensión con partes usadas de amortiguadores y struts de la gran selección de partes usadas en Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard. 

Nosotros reciclamos coches de chatarra, compramos autos usados y tenemos una gran selección de piezas de coches.

Contacta la mejor chatarrería en Wisconsin, Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard, para buscar una batería apena usada hoy. 

We have a variety of suspension for models such as:

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