Used Engines and Motors for Milwaukee and Racine

Save Money by Replacing your Car's Engine 

Dead cylinders and misfiring engines will prevent your car from functioning properly. Do not risk causing a serious accident because you cannot afford to repair your engine. Come to Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard and buy a fully functional, used engine at an unbelievable price. Our 11-acre lot is filled with 1,000+ salvage vehicles, and we're always adding more. Chances are we have a perfectly good replacement engine for your car or truck. There's always a huge selection of engines for many vehicle makes and models.

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Is an Engine Replacement Worth It? 

It's not uncommon for people to come to us and say they've thrown more money into an old engine than it would've cost to buy a new one at the start. There is no reason to spend good money attempting to fix a bad motor and no reason to pay way more than you need to on a replacement engine.

Come to Sturtevant Auto Salvage and pick up a replacement engine to get your car running pronto, whether you drive a Ford, Toyota, Chrysler, Volkswagen or any other foreign or domestic make. The short drive just south of Milwaukee will save you money and keep your car on the road. Engine repairs are expensive and risky for any car, but a used engine will give you thousands of miles of dependable service at a fraction of the cost

Used Engines for Cheap Truck Repair & Restoration

When repairing or restoring your truck, some parts just can’t be skimped on. The motor is one of them. The heart of your truck should be dependable and run smooth. At Sturtevant Auto, we believe that you deserve a properly running engine to ensure your safety on the road. A used engine can provide the performance you need at a much lower cost than the dealership. Many people junk their trucks for other reasons than engine problems, leaving a perfectly good engine ready for use. Our used engines and motors are not only affordable but reliable as well.

OEM used engines for sale in WI & IL

How to Tell When Your Car Needs a Replacement Engine

Every car engine is designed slightly differently, but they all give similar warning signs when something is wrong: 

  • Jerky or bumpy running - Dead or misfiring cylinders often cause automobiles to feel jumpy and slightly out of control.
  • Smoke - Smoke comes in three colors: black, blue and white. Black smoke means there is too much gas or too little air in the engine. Blue indicates your engine is burning oil. White smoke is a sign of a damaged head gasket or cylinder head.
  • Loud noisesYour engine makes a ton of noises. Especially when it's beginning to fail. Loud, knocking noises can indicate a bearing has failed. Squealing noises could indicate a frayed belt. You may even hear popping, ticking or clicking.

Repairing your damaged engine may be impossible or cost thousands of dollars. You do not have to buy a new car or pay for an expensive repair. Get a perfectly good, functioning engine from Sturtevant Auto for your car and save big. Residents of southeast Wisconsin know the best way to keep their automobiles running for longer is with our used car parts. Working transmissions, functional suspensions and even complete motors and engine blocks are lying around in our 11 acres of junked vehicles.

For a more in-depth look at common engine trouble, read our article on diagnosing four common engine problems.

Diagnosing Diesel Engine Problems

Diesel cars and trucks offer you many advantages in terms of fuel efficiency and power. However, they also exhibit a unique set of typical problems you might not have to think about with a regular gasoline engine:

  1. Black smoke coming from the tailpipe
  2. White smoke coming from under the hood
  3. It stops accelerating
  4. It won't start when it's too hot or cold
  5. It won't stop running

The problems you experience with your diesel truck could be unique to diesel engines, or just a simple problem you'd have in any kind of car. No matter the problem, you know where to go for cheap replacement parts. Keep your engine running and squeeze out as many miles as you can.

Recycled OEM Engines Keep you on the Road for Less

If the engine on your 2006 Toyota Corolla is damaged, there is no need to scrap the whole car; you can swap out the engine and extend your car’s life. We buy old, used and junked cars so you can save money on quality OEM parts instead of buying expensive new parts. If you or somebody you know has a clunker on its last legs, come to our Milwaukee area auto salvage yard and get cash for your car today.

Replacement Engines and Cheap Engine Parts for All Car Brands

Sturtevant Auto's pick-and-pull salvage yard is full of junk cars with perfectly good engines and engine parts. If you're feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of replacing your entire engine or purchasing a new car entirely, consider ringing up a gearhead friend and asking if they're in the mood for a restoration project. We've got great cheap replacement engines and engine parts for:

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Milwaukee area Junkyard Buys Used Cars with CASH

You've explored all of your options for replacing the engine, but maybe the best solution is to just junk the car. Sturtevant Auto will take your used car off your hands - no matter WHAT condition it's in. Don't waste your time with a car that might be on its last leg - head to our salvage yard and get cash for your clunker!

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