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Used windshields, windows & other auto glass for all car brands at our Wisconsin junkyard

If you're looking for cheap, used replacement parts, you may have already written off getting an OEM replacement for your broken windshield. Aftermarket windshields simply cannot legally comply with your vehicle's basic requirements. Your best bet is a used OEM windshield. Damaged windshields can be expensive to repair, but perfectly good used windshields can serve as an adequate replacement for a fraction of the cost. You have no better chance at finding a lower price for used OEM parts than at our massive auto parts yard: Sturtevant Auto.

Whether you’ve been driving around with a cracked windshield, or you’ve just noticed a crack and want it replaced ASAP—come to Sturtevant. Autoglass pieces for windshields and windows are available for foreign manufacturers (including ToyotaSubaruHondaVWKia, and more) and domestic cars (including Ford, ChevroletChrysler, and more) at a fraction of the retail cost.

Used Auto Glass Cost: $25 - $75

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Why is it important to repair your broken windshield?

Windshields are an essential part of your vehicle’s safety system. They support the roof in case of a rollover accident and assist in side airbag deployment.

A damaged windshield can be a serious safety concern for you and your passengers by obstructing your vision and compromising the structural integrity of your vehicle's roof, leading to accidents and injuries.

Types of Broken Windshields

Cracked windshields happen for a variety of reasons and auto glass in general is prone to a wide range of damage:

  • Chips — Small pebbles thrown by the wheels of semi-trucks at high speeds take chunks out of your windshield.
  • Bullseyes — Encircled with cracks to form a dartboard pattern.
  • Spider Web Cracks — A series of cracks radiating from a center point
  • Shattered by Vandalism or Theft — As much as we love Wisconsin, we know that this isn’t a perfect world. If you’ve had property stolen, chances are you don’t want to shell out cash for replacement windows. A piece of cardboard or garbage bag isn’t doing you any favors, though.
  • Stress Cracks — They are usually caused by rapid temperature fluctuations, like using hot water to wash your car in January or cranking the AC on a super-hot July afternoon. They can also originate from a manufacturer’s defect. Stress cracks usually cannot be repaired and need to be replaced.

Pick and pull Auto Glass, or have us do it

Cars, trucks and vans with glass intact can be found at Sturtevant Auto. Our car inventory includes 1,000+ vehicles, so chances are we have what you're looking for. 

Don’t let a cracked windshield hold you back, get your cheap glass replacement at our junkyard. Let the professionals at Sturtevant Auto help you find an affordable replacement for any of your broken windows, cracked windshields or smashed sunroofs. We can pull it for you, or you can scope out our acres of vehicles to see which replacement best fits your needs.

Contact Wisconsin’s best used auto glass dealer to repair your broken windows and windshield.


Reemplazar sus parabrisas con parabrisas de OEM usados

Parabrisas roto o dañado no es seguro para su y sus pasajeros. Parabrisas son un parte esencial del sistema de seguridad de su coche. Hay muchísimas tipos de parabrisas rotos, como una viruta, una grieta de la tensión o parabrisas destrozada del vandalismo. 

Hay muchísimas tipos de parabrisas rotos, como una viruta, una grieta de la tensión o parabrisas destrozada del vandalismo. Nuestros expertos pueden determinar si es necesario a arreglar o reemplazar su parabrisas. OEM parabrisas usadas son las mejores parabrisas y en Sturtevant Auto nosotros tenemos las más baratas. También tenemos cristal remplazar para autos para camiones.

También tenemos una variedad de piezas de coches por casi todos los fabricantes de carros. Y compramos autos usadas por más efectivo de cualquier lugar en Wisconsin o Illinois.

Contacta lo mejor distribuidor de cristal para autos en Milwaukee- Sturtevant Auto- para reparar sus ventanas y parabrisas rotos. 

We have a variety of glass replacements for models such as:

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