Used Toyota Parts between Milwaukee and Racine

Buy Used Toyotas from a Salvage Yard near Milwaukee

For used Toyota parts near Milwaukee and Racine, look no further than Sturtevant’s salvage yard. We buy junk, used and salvage Toyota cars, trucks and vans all year long, making sure there's always an enormous selection of parts from many models.

Sturtevant Auto has a selection of salvage Toyotas for sale at affordable prices. Not every Camry, Sienna, Celica and Corolla we buy is only good for parts. Buy a drivable salvage Toyota to use as a daily commuter or to serve for an awesome rebuild. Whatever your purpose, you’ll get a good vehicle at an unbelievable price.

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Our inventory of Toyota parts include:

Our pick-and-pull salvage yard prides itself on having a quality inventory of trucks—of various years, makes, and models—so you can repair your Toyota at the lowest costs possible. Call or stop in today to see if we have what you want.

Your Toyota Clunker Is Our Lifeblood

You’ve done all you can to keep your Toyota on the road but it’s finally time to move on. Let Sturtevant Auto buy your car for cash and let others use the parts to keep their vehicles running. We need to buy your clunker as much as you need to get rid of it. Drop it off or have us come pick it up. Either way, you’ll get paid and your car will help other drivers. With the money you’ll get from selling your car for scrap, you make a down payment on a new Toyota.

Great Deals On Used Toyota Parts

Awesome prices on replacement OEM Toyota parts near Racine


Used Toyota Car Batteries

Toyotas, like the 1997 Toyota Camry, are great cars. When replacing the battery on a great car, come to Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard for a great price! Our acres of salvage cars let us put replacement Toyota parts up for sale at cheap rates. Learn more


Used Car Body Parts for Toyotas

If you've been in a minor accident and your Toyota got a little banged up, save money on parts at Sturtevant Auto. A replacement car door or bumper for a 1994 Toyota Corolla will not be an expensive fix if you come to our Milwaukee area junk yard. Learn more


Cheap Used Toyota Engines!

A blown head gasket can be an expensive fix on a 1999 Toyota Sienna. There's no need to spend an arm and a leg when you shop at Sturtevant Auto for used replacement parts. Purchasing a motor engine brand new is far too costly for Toyota cars and trucks when our used auto parts will fulfill life expectancy needs. Save money and buy a used OEM Toyota engine at Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard. Learn more


Used Toyota Windshield Glass at Discount Prices

Got chipped, cracked, or broken auto glass? Replacement windows and windshields for Toyota cars and trucks, like the 2001 Toyota Tundra, are cheap at Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard. You might not need a full replacement windshield. Check out our guide on determining if you need to repair or replace your windshield. Learn more


Prices for Used Tires You Won't Believe

Have your tires worn or gone bald? If your car is simply gliding along the pavement instead of gripping it, you've got to replace them. Leave drifting to professionals on a closed course (commercials are not real life). Yes, the price for replacing tires is usually pretty high. However, Sturtevant Auto offers the lowest prices for used tires for Toyotas to ease the pain of replacing flat or worn tires. Learn more


Cheap Used Transmissions for Toyotas

Don't let a worn out transmission jostle you around just because you think it'll be too expensive to fix. Replacing the transmission on a 2001 Toyota Highlander can definitely be costly--when you don't shop at Sturtevant Auto. Save big and buy a used, OEM replacement transmission at Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard. Learn more


Used Headlight Parts at Great Prices

Dead bulb? Cracked housing? Broken lens? No need to sell your firstborn to get it fixed. Sturtevant Auto has a huge selection of Toyotas and salvage parts. Pick and pull the replacement headlight parts you need from our junkyard and save your money. Learn more


Used Side and Rear View Toyota Mirrors

A damaged mirror is both annoying and unsafe. You don’t need an expensive fix—you just need to be able to see. Find replacement side and rearview mirrors for your Toyota at Sturtevant Auto pick and pull junkyard. Learn more


Low-Price Tire Rims for Your Toyota Vehicle

Get the tire rims your car needs without spending more than you have to. Our Milwaukee and Racine area junkyard is full of OEM replacement parts for Toyotas. A set of used OEM rims and tires for a sporty Toyota car, like a 2000 Toyota Celica, can be found for cheap at our massive salvage yard. Learn more


Used Toyota Suspension Parts: Shocks, Struts, Leaf Springs

Hearing new clunking and grinding noises? Feeling the road a little more than usual? Your suspension might be having some issues. If you're the type to pull apart your car in the garage and fix the problem for yourself, we've got the cheap used parts you're looking for. Whether they're for your Tacoma, 4Runner, Sequoia or any other Toyota car or truck, you won't find a lower price for suspension parts than at our salvage yard near Milwaukee. Learn more

Sell Us Your Toyota Truck

Sturtevant Auto strives to meet our clientele’s every Toyota truck part need, so we are continuously purchasing old and used Toyotas. Whether you’ve been in an accident and repair is not worth the cost, your old clunker no longer runs, or you’re simply looking to sell so you can upgrade, we’ll pay cash for your old truck!

We've Got Your Toyota

  • Camry
  • Corolla
  • 4 Runner
  • Sienna
  • Avalon
  • Tundra
  • Highlander
  • Matrix
  • Rav4
  • Prius
  • Sequoia

Does your 1998 Camry need a new exhaust? Does your 2009 Matrix need a new bumper? Then check out Sturtevant Auto in Milwaukee and get the best prices on Toyota parts.

Used Toyota Parts for Sale
Lexus Logo

Luxury Lexus Auto Parts at Great, Used Prices

One of the best things about driving a Lexus is it’s made with the same excellent engineering as a Toyota. Lexus owners can count on years of driving their ES 300, IS 250 or LS 400 with few problems. Like any car, though, enough miles on the road will put a lot of wear and strain on a Lexus. Some people report having to replace a cracked radiator, a few have transmission problems and others struggle with the car stalling out. All of these problems are fixable at low prices if you buy used Lexus parts from Sturtevant Auto. We have many Lexus vehicles sitting in our salvage yard. You’re sure to find just the high-quality, OEM parts you need to get your RX 330, GS200t or ES 350 back on the road.

  • GX 470
  • ES series
  • IS series
  • CT 200
  • RX series
  • GS series
  • LS series

Want to bring life back into your Lexus but worry about the price tag? Sturtevant Auto in Milwaukee has the lowest prices around on all Lexus parts.

Scion Logo

Buy Used Scion Parts And Keep Your Ride on the Road

Toyota’s Scion was very popular among its fans. The xB, in particular, was loved for its fuel economy and sheer dependability. All good things come to an end, though, and Scion was discontinued effective August 2016. While some of the vehicles are available under Toyota badges, like the FR-S, iA and iM, drivers of the xA, tC and xB will need to find a reliable source of parts to keep their cars functioning. Look no further than Sturtevant Auto. Our salvage yard has plenty of Scion parts to keep your favorite car going strong for years to come.

  • xA
  • xB
  • xD
  • tC
  • iM

Looking for a new rear bumper for your 2008 Scion tC? Or looking for new doors for your 2005 xA? Then come on down to Sturtevant Auto in Milwaukee and get the best prices on Scion parts.

Supra Toyota Super Car

Used Toyota Supercar Parts

From the Supra to the MR2, Toyota produced a number of powerful sports cars in the 90’s. Whether you need a new headlight assembly for an MR2, or you’re rebuilding the engine of your Supra, you can find parts for less at Sturtevant Auto. Sturtevant Auto has a selection of used Toyota parts for sale, including:

  • MR2 headlight assemblies
  • Supra turbos
  • Celica fuel filters
  • And more

In the unlikely event we don’t have the part you’re looking for, we’ll contact our network of dealers to find the right parts for you. From clutch rebuilds to entire rear suspensions, Sturtevant Auto will have your Supra, MR2, or Celica running like new.

Daihatsu Logo

Keep Your Daihatsu on the Road, not in the Garage

Toyota’s Daihatsu was one of the most economical and efficient cars when it was introduced in 1988. The Daihatsu Rocky and Charade were sold from 1988 until 1992 when Toyota ceased sales due to the market's demand for bigger cars and cheap fuel.

Though Daihatsu is no longer sold in the US, unless you're in Indonesia, you're still able to find them on the road due to original OEM Daihatsu parts in junkyards.  Because our 1,000+ car junkyard is constantly rotating every month, it is not unusual to see a Rocky or a Charade in our lot. If we don't have this vehicle in our lot, our expansive network of suppliers can help us find one for you.

Contact Sturtevant Auto for replacement transmissions, motor engines, rims, tires, windows and car doors for your Toyota at 262-835-2914.