Used Rims for Sale

Affordable Used Rims at Racine Salvage Yard

Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard has a wide variety of used rims for both foreign and domestic cars for sale at a fraction of the price of new ones. We buy salvage and junk cars for top dollar, ensuring we always have acres of junk cars ready to donate their perfectly good rims to your car. Rim repair can be a long, expensive process. Do the smart thing and buy used rims instead. Drive on down to Sturtevant Auto, just south of Milwaukee, and get the used rims your car needs at a price you’ll love.

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Problems Caused by Damaged Rims

Beat-up rims take away from the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. Aside from the eyesore, damaged, bent or cracked rims lead to serious problems with your vehicle’s overall performance. Do not put yourself, your car, and other motorists at risk by driving around with damaged rims. Some common issues include:

  • Significant decrease in gas mileage 
  • Shortened tire life
  • Total tire blowout 

Used Car Rims for All Car Brands

Sturtevant Auto has a massive selection of salvage cars and trucks. You’re bound to find the right-sized rim for your car by looking through 11 acres of junk vehicles. Car tires fit on rims ranging from 0.5” thinner than the manufacturer’s specification up to 1.5” thicker. Damaged rims can be replaced and upgraded with used rims for far less than new rims would cost. 

Why buy used rims over new rims?

Whether you're looking for an upgrade or a replacement, buying used rims instead of brand-new ones can save you a small fortune. The idea that used means worse is simply incorrect. If you're looking for new rims for your vehicle, check out our inventory. It's likely we have something that gets the job done for hundreds of dollars less than buying brand new.

Inexpensive Replacement Truck Rims

Brand-new rims for your truck can cost you an arm and a leg if you order them from your dealership. At Sturtevant Auto, our rims are in great condition and fit in your budget. Whether you need to replace all four of them, or just one, come check out our wide selection of pick and pull options. If you just can’t find what you’re looking for, our friendly staff will be happy to help you find it. 

Used car rims for sale in WI & IL

OEM Replacement Rims

If your rims are bent or dented, you need to get them fixed or replaced. Chances are, you're looking for something cheap and don't necessarily care about how it gets done. Installing OEM parts guarantees you've got the right parts for your make and model. The likelihood of structural damage from nonconformity is all but eliminated. 

Used Auto Parts from Milwaukee area Salvage Yard

Don't settle for ordering new, when it can cost you a fortune. Sturtevant Auto carries a variety of used auto parts for great prices! Whether you need a windshield replacement or better tires, we have a whole selection of parts for purchase.

We sell whole cars too! If you're looking for a used car at unbeatable prices, contact Sturtevant Auto today.


Llantas usadas por su coche

Si las llantas de coche están doblados o abollados es necesario para repararlos. Una opción barata no significa una mala calidad. Sturtevant Auto tiene OEM (fabricantes equipos de originales) que son en buenas condiciones. 

No pierdas el tiempo ordenado llantas nuevos, ahorren dinero y tiempo con Sturtevant Auto. Tenemos las mejores llantas usadas en Wisconsin. Ven a nuestra chatarrería hoy y busque nuestros once acres llenos de llantas OEM y más. 

También tenemos una variedad de piezas de coches por casi todos los fabricantes de carros. Y compramos autos usadas por más efectivo de cualquier lugar en Wisconsin o Illinois. 

Contacta Sturtevant Auto hoy para llantas usadas de coches en Wisconsin. Ofrezcamos soluciones económicas a todos los ciudadanos de Wisconsin. 

We have a variety of rims for models such as:

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