Low-cost Power Window Switches

Used Car & Truck Window Switches in Wisconsin & Illinois

A failing power window switch can be a real headache, especially in those hot Midwestern summers. Over time your window switch’s fuse or motor can go bad, leaving you stranded in the heat. At Sturtevant Auto, we carry used auto parts for any major make and model, both domestic and foreign, for less. Contact us or visit today and we’ll help you find the right used or aftermarket window switch parts for your vehicle.

Used Window Switch Price: $15 - 35

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Affordable replacement power window switches

Purchasing a brand-new window switch can cost upward of $200, not including labor. At our salvage yard you can pull the parts you need or have us pick them for you for less than ⅕ the price. Every used part comes with our 90-day guarantee.

How to know when to replace your window switch

Window power switches are meant to last the life of your vehicle. However, in many used and older vehicles, they can become overworked and parts can fail. Sometimes in vehicles that can control windows from the driver’s seat, the switch button will work up front but not on the door itself (or vice versa). This is a good indication that your switch has failed and needs replacing.

Diagnosing a bad window switch vs. motor

A switch isn’t the only point of failure in automotive power windows. When your power windows are not working, the most common culprits are the switch itself and the motor inside your door (visit our parts page for pricing on window regulators & motors). With a lift or motor issue, you will likely hear grinding or clicking from inside your car door, and your headlights should dim slightly when you draw power by pressing the switch. If you don’t notice any of this, you probably need a window switch replacement.

Replace power window switch for your make & model

We buy any used or salvaged car in Wisconsin & Illinois and resell the used parts at a discounted rate for folks like you.

Get cheap used car parts from our auto scrap yard

Our salvage yard is full of old and newer vehicles in every condition, from gently used to completely totaled. Let your junk car bring new life to another vehicle! Bring in your old, used, or wrecked vehicles and get cash for them. We’ll even come to you.

We have a variety of window switches for models such as:

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