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Milwaukee area Junk Yard Sells Transmissions at Great Prices

When the transmission dies you have two options: buy an expensive new one (can be up to $3,500!), or save big and get a quality, used transmission from Sturtevant Auto Salvage.

We buy used and salvage vehicles for cash year-round and have a steady supply of reliable transmissions for a wide variety of vehicles. Call us to see what we have in stock, or come visit us and see for yourself. With 1,000+ cars in our 11-acre junkyard, chances are we have the transmission you're looking for.

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Save Money on Transmission Replacements 

Doing a full transmission replacement is time-consuming and costly. In fact, transmission repairs and replacements are often the most expensive jobs an auto repair shop will do. A new transmission, plus labor, is certain to add up to thousands in repair costs.

Save money where you can by getting a quality, used transmission for both domestic and import models, including Toyota, VW and Chevrolet, from our salvage lot. High-quality, lightly used car transmissions (automatic or manual) are waiting for you just south of Milwaukee.

Why buy a used transmission instead of a new one?

We have cars come into our possession all the time with perfectly good transmissions. But because the insurance companies typically write these cars off as worthless, we can sell fully functional transmissions to replace yours at a far more affordable price than you'll find a new one for. Contact us today for information about the used transmissions we have in stock. Or just come by and take a look for yourself! 

Transmissions can be a bit mysterious. Learn 5 easy-to-spot signs your transmission is in trouble.

Come browse our 11-acre salvage yard filled with junk cars waiting to donate their used car parts to your vehicle. Many of these cars have perfectly good, used transmissions ready for you to install in your car or truck. Save big with a used transmission from Sturtevant Auto.

Used transmission for sale WI & IL

Pick and Pull Milwaukee area Junkyard: Get Used Car Transmissions

Buying a new transmission isn’t in most budgets and makes no sense when quality, used transmissions for are available at Wisconsin’s Sturtevant Auto.

For those willing and able, pick and pull is always an option in our massive junkyard. If you’d feel more comfortable having our staff remove the auto part for you, let us know what you need and we’ll pull it.

Look over our huge selection of salvage cars from manufacturers like Toyota, Ford and Hyundai for the exact make and model you need. Automatic or manual, four, five or six-speed, Sturtevant Auto has all the used auto parts you need.  Whether you pick and pull the part yourself or have us do it, you can count on a quality, used transmission to get your car back on the road.

OEM Replacement Parts for Your Transmission

The last thing you should be skimping on is transmission parts. There's no more crucial element of your vehicle, and attempting to lean on aftermarket parts could be a huge mistake. Sticking with OEM replacement parts is preferable.

We've got a huge selection of full transmissions and individual used transmission parts for many, many brands and sub-brands, including:

Fortunately, the price you'd expect for OEM parts is dramatically lower if you buy from our stock at Sturtevant Auto salvage yard near Milwaukee, WI. We offer the most affordable OEM transmission parts in southeastern Wisconsin, giving you a cheap solution to a truly expensive problem.

Used Transmissions for Pick-Up Trucks

Replacing or repairing your truck's transmission through a dealership can end up costing you a few thousand dollars between parts and labor, but if you buy used it can be more affordable than you think. Whether you are looking for an automatic, manual, or a four-wheel drive transmission we can help you find just what you need. When choosing used transmission parts you want to have a lot of options to choose from and someone knowledgeable to talk to when purchasing them, at Sturtevant Auto, we can provide you with both. We salvage trucks daily to ensure our customers have the best selection of used auto parts in Southeast Wisconsin. Our staff can help you with your selection when just a few questions are answered about your transmission, including year, make, model, engine type, and size. After that, we can help you promptly locate the specific parts you need.

Sell Your Wreck and Shift into Savings

We need your old car to keep a healthy inventory of OEM transmissions in stock. We buy junk cars in Wisconsin and Illinois, selling the usable parts at surprisingly low prices. If you own two trouble cars, we’ll pay cash for one of your clunkers so you can repair the other. At Sturtevant Auto, you can sell a totaled Ford Focus and buy a quality tranny replacement for a Dodge Durango without leaving our 11-acre yard. After all, there is no reason to scrap two cars when our salvage yard has high-quality replacements to keep your vehicle moving smoothly for years to come.

Contact the used car transmission experts at Sturtevant Auto to your vehicle running again.

Reemplazar sus parabrisas con parabrisas de OEM usados

Parabrisas roto o dañado no es seguro para su y sus pasajeros. Parabrisas son un parte esencial del sistema de seguridad de su coche. Hay muchísimas tipos de parabrisas rotos, como una viruta, una grieta de la tensión o parabrisas destrozada del vandalismo. 

Hay muchísimas tipos de parabrisas rotos, como una viruta, una grieta de la tensión o parabrisas destrozada del vandalismo. Nuestros expertos pueden determinar si es necesario a arreglar o reemplazar su parabrisas. OEM parabrisas usadas son las mejores parabrisas y en Sturtevant Auto nosotros tenemos las más baratas. También tenemos cristal remplazar para autos para camiones.

También tenemos una variedad de piezas de coches por casi todos los fabricantes de carros. Y compramos autos usadas por más efectivo de cualquier lugar en Wisconsin o Illinois.

Transmisiones usadas de la mejor chatarrería en Wisconsin 

Cuando su transmisión falla, tiene dos opciones: compra un nuevo o ahorra muchísima dinero con una transmisión usada de Sturtevant Auto. Tenemos 11 acres llena de coches con transmisiones usadas. Nuestra gran variedad de maracas, incluyes Chrysler, Honda, Kia, Toyota y muchas más.

Nuestra variedad de piezas de coches por casi todos los fabricantes de carros es enorme. Y compramos autos usadas por más efectivo de cualquier lugar en Wisconsin o Illinois. 

Contacta la mejor chatarrería en Wisconsin, Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard, para buscar transmisiones usadas hoy.

We have a variety of transmissions for models such as:

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