Used Nissan Parts between Milwaukee and Racine

Sturtevant Auto’s salvage yard has served Milwaukee, Racine and the rest of southeast Wisconsin and northern Illinois with used Nissan auto parts. Our massive supply of used parts is possible because we buy salvage, used and junk Nissan vehicles on an almost daily basis.

Your Nissan is unacceptable when flawed or broken down. Sturtevant remains your ultimate provider of quality used auto parts for a fraction of the price.

Replacement Nissan Parts for Cheap

2005 Nissan Armadas that need new batteries need not look any further than Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard. With acres of cars to choose from, used parts for Nissan cars and trucks are plentiful for most makes and models, like the 1998 Nissan Altima.

Replacement windshields and windows for trucks like the 2005 Nissan Titan can be found at low prices in our Milwaukee area auto junkyard. If you try and fail to repair your car windshield, look to Sturtevant Auto for cheap full replacement windshields for your model of Nissan. Body work can be done for much less when you buy doors, bumpers and other parts at Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard.

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Our inventory of Nissan parts include:

Used Tires for Sale at Our Pick and Pull Salvage Yard

Having to replace a tire is an absolute bummer. You can't ignore it like you can for a headlight bulb, O2 sensor, thermostat, or alternator (don't actually ignore these). Unfortunately, no Nissan, or any other brand of car, can run on three wheels. You need a replacement now.

Sturtevant Auto offers you the lowest prices for used and replacement tires for your Nissan, promising a cheap option when you're forced to shop for new tires. Come down to our salvage yard just west of Racine and pick and pull tires for yourself.

Turn Your Totaled Nissan into Cash

Sturtevant Auto will buy your 1997 Nissan Sentra, even if it doesn’t run. We need to maintain our store of used auto parts and buying junk vehicles is how we do it. Whatever kind of Nissan you drive, we want it. You’ll get a fair price for your vehicle and we’ll even come pick it up if it’s non-functional. Sturtevant Auto will pay cash for your salvage Nissan. Turn your scrap into cash!

Cheap Used Auto Parts for Nissan Cars and Trucks


Get Used Car Batteries for Your Nissan Car

Replacing the car battery in your Nissan Sentra, Altima, or Armada doesn’t have to break the bank – come to Sturtevant Auto to find used batteries for Nissan cars! Our 11-acre Racine salvage yard is packed with a variety of Nissan makes and models, assuring you find the used car parts you need. Don’t wait – find a lightly used battery for your Nissan car at Sturtevant Auto today! Learn more


Nissan Auto Body Parts Available for Cheap!

A scratched door or dented hood doesn’t have to cost a fortune to replace. Find your replacement Nissan car part at our huge salvage yard just south of Milwaukee. Sturtevant Auto has an extensive and great selection of lightly used auto body parts for Nissan vehicles at cheap prices. Pick and pull what you need, and have some money left over in your pocket. Learn more


Buy Used Nissan Car Engine Parts at Low Prices

Buying a new engine or engine part, and sometimes even repairing them, can be out of your budget. You’ll find a replacement engine fitting the make, model, and year of your Nissan at Sturtevant Auto near Racine! Lightly used engine parts for your Nissan car will be in the best condition and for sale at the lowest cost when you start your search at our reputable salvage yard. Learn more


Discount Auto Glass for Nissan Cars

Replace the cracked or broken window glass on your Nissan at Sturtevant Auto near Racine. With a huge selection of used auto glass for Nissan cars, you’ll find what you need no matter the year, make, or model. Our pick-and-pull salvage yard has any replacement car part you need – come by and check out all of our great discount auto glass today! Learn more


Buy Discount Tires for Your Nissan Car!

Discount tires for Nissan vehicles are available at Sturtevant Auto. Don’t put your safety at risk –find great deals on used tires for all types of Nissan vehicles. You’ll never fail to find the best deals on any car part you need when you shop at our large, well-stocked salvage yard! Learn more


Cheap Used Nissan Transmission Parts

Fixing or replacing your Nissan transmission can be expensive. With Sturtevant Auto, you have access to a full salvage yard of Nissan vehicles with transmissions in good condition for sale at low prices – which means you don’t have to risk more damage to your car waiting to save the funds for repair. Stop by today to shop used transmissions for Nissan cars. Learn more


Used Nissan Headlights for Sale

Save money by replacing your broken or cracked Nissan headlight at Sturtevant Auto. Used headlights are much cheaper than new ones, and you’ll eliminate the risk of being pulled over by the police for an out headlight. Find affordable replacement headlights for your Nissan car, at our pick and pull salvage yard. Learn more


Discount Mirrors for Nissan Cars at Sturtevant Auto

Don’t spend more money than necessary to fix the broken side view mirror of your Nissan. Buy used car mirrors at discount prices when you shop for replacement parts at Sturtevant Auto. We have a huge selection of used side and rearview mirrors for Nissan cars available to you! Learn more


Buy Lightly Used Rims for Your Nissan Vehicle

A bent, cracked or broken rim on the tires of your Nissan 350z, Murano, Maxima, or Xterra can be damaging to your vehicle’s overall performance. You don’t have to put up with damaged rims any longer – get lightly used replacement rims for your Nissan car today at Sturtevant Auto! Come on by and learn how you can save big on car repair! Learn more


Used Suspension Parts for Your Nissan Car

You don’t have to pay a ton of money to get the suspension on your Nissan car fixed. Stop avoiding necessary car repairs because you can’t afford them – come to Sturtevant Auto to find the best selection of used suspension parts for Nissan vehicles around! Learn more

Used Nissan Parts

  • Altima
  • Maxima
  • Frontier
  • Murano
  • Pathfinder
  • Sentra
  • Armada
  • Titan
  • Rogue
  • Versa  

Do you need to replace the transmission for your 2001 Altima? Or looking to replace the door to your 2012 Sentra? Then come on down to Sturtevant Auto in Milwaukee and get the best prices on Nissan parts.

Used Nissan Parts for Sale

Used Nissan Truck Parts

Get the Best Deals on Replacement Parts for Nissan Trucks

Sturtevant Auto is the best source for used Nissan truck parts. With a quality selection of Nissan pickup trucks at our auto salvage yard, you’re sure to find the parts you need for Nissan Frontier, Navara, and Titan trucks. We offer affordable, convenient replacement parts; find exactly what you need, including:

Used Nissan Parts Milwaukee
  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Radiators
  • Bumpers
  • Doors
  • Headlights
  • Mirrors
  • Auto Glass
  • Tires & Rims
  • Batteries
  • And so much more

When you choose Sturtevant Auto for used Nissan truck parts, you’ll get quality at great prices.

Sell Us Your Nissan Truck

Have a Nissan truck that won’t run, or simply looking to sell so you can upgrade? Sturtevant Auto near Racine wants to buy your old truck for cash! Call us today for a quote or regarding any questions you may have. If it doesn’t run, we’ll pick it up. If you don’t have a title but own the vehicle, we will still buy it.

Mitsubishi Logo

Used Mitsubishi Parts for Sale


You would be surprised by the models and types of Mitsubishi cars we have seen, and they weren't all totaled for parts either.  With almost 100 years in business, Mitsubishi has created some of the most innovative cars to date.  We have seen:

  • Lancer
  • Diamante
  • Pajero
  • Starion
  • Eclipse
  • Outlander
  • Galant
  • and their GTO series

Don't replace your car with ill-fitting cheap knowff parts when you can replace it back it its former glory affordably. With a constantly changing used car parts cycle, contact us or give us a call for your next Mitsubishi OEM car part in Milwaukee.

Used Auto Parts for Infiniti Cars

Used Infiniti Car Parts Near Milwaukee

Infiniti cars were introduced into the American market in 1989, meaning that these cars are relatively young in the United States. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exclude them from aging. Nissan Infiniti cars have become known for being a luxury brand, which means that replacement parts and repairs are going to be expensive! If you own an Infiniti and are looking for new parts, consider buying used to help save money.

  • QX4
  • G35
  • G37
  • I30
  • M35
  • Q50
  • FX
  • EX35

Is your Infiniti in need of repairs but the cost for ordering new parts is too high? Head down to Sturtevant Auto in Milwaukee and get the parts you need for your Infiniti at the best prices around. 

Salvage Parts for Infiniti i30, G35, QX4 and More

Sturtevant Auto has access to a junkyard that can provide almost any used parts you need for your Infiniti cars or trucks, ranging from the Infiniti QX4 to the Infiniti M56. If you need to purchase a used engine, Sturtevant Auto has you covered. Transmission failure? Consider Sturtevant Auto for a cost effective solution that won’t leave you in an inconvenient search for a new car.

Nismo Logo

Used NISMO Parts for Sale

Whether you’re rebuilding Godzilla, or you just want your 350Z to have some extra oomph, you can find used Nissan parts for less at Sturtevant Auto. Our 11-acre lot is brimming with OEM and aftermarket Nissan parts, including:

  • Oil pumps
  • Headlight and taillight assemblies
  • ABS components
  • Official NISMO Parts
  • And more

Sturtevant Auto is your one stop shop for NISMO parts in Wisconsin. We’ve done everything from helping gearheads restore classic Nissans to helping build drift missiles. Whatever you’re looking for you can find it at Sturtevant Auto.

Dacia Logo

Dacia Used Parts for Classics or for Newer Models

Dacia was one of the classic cars in Europe that was brought in the middle of the century. With its European aesthetic, it became a collector's car and one that was economical as well.

Though it was discontinued, Dacia cars are known to show up in junkyards and are ripe for the picking.  If we don't have the part in stock, our supplier network of over 50 years will allow us to search for you.  

Recently newer models of Dacia have started popping up in the USA after its purchase from Chrysler. Their SUV style body and European economical mechanics have made it popular in the US again. Let us know ahead of time in case you need a Dacia car part.

Datsun Logo

Dacia Used Parts for Classics or for Newer Models

Datsun has been synonymous with Nissan since its inception at the turn of the century. Originally Nissan was named Datsun, but changed their name to Nissan only for non-US markets. in the 1970's Nissan finally changed their brand name to Nissan globally, where some Nissa and Datsun vehicles may be badge engineered still.

Pick your Datsun parts or call us ahead to restore your vehicle back to its glory.

Repair Your Nissan's Suspension with the Cheapest Parts

If your Nissan is clunking around on the road because of some bad struts, shocks, springs, or another suspension part, and you want to dig in to swap in the new part for yourself, you'll need the parts to do it. We've got them for the lowest price. Come down to our junkyard near Milwaukee to pick and pull used suspension parts for your Nissan Versa, Pathfinder, Armada, or any other Nissan make to get your car fixed for the lowest cost.

Find used OEM Nissan parts near Milwaukee and Racine

Nissan engine problems are not uncommon. Buy a used OEM Nissan engine at amazing prices for many Nissan cars and trucks, such as the 2001 Nissan Xterra. OEM replacement rims, tires, and wheels for vehicles like the 1997 Nissan Sentra. A failed transmission will stop any car, even a 1994 Nissan Maxima. Locate a cheap, used OEM Nissan replacement at our auto junkyard.

Running, Salvage Nissans for Sale at Low Prices

Looking for a Nissan but don’t have a big budget? Find just the car you want at Sturtevant Auto. Some of the salvage Nissans we buy are still in drivable condition. We sell salvage Nissans at low prices, so you can find what you need at a low price. When it becomes too expensive to keep your old car running, get a new used Nissan from Sturtevant Auto!

Contact Sturtevant Auto Salvage for hassle-free used Nissan auto parts supplier at Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard.