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Used Car Batteries for Less in Wisconsin & Illinois

Dead and malfunctioning car batteries are more common the closer we get to those Midwestern winters. Make sure you’re not stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery this year (or ever!) with a used battery from Sturtevant Auto. Our 11-acre salvage yard is home to thousands of used cars and trucks with enough working batteries to go around. Every battery is cleaned, tested, and ready for use. Every used part comes with a 90-day guarantee. Whether you need a replacement battery (new batteries go for up to $130!!!) or want to stock up on a spare battery, Sturtevant Auto can save you money!

Used Auto Battery Price: $40 with exchange

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Cheap car battery replacement

New batteries are expensive: if you’re not financially ready for the purchase or are looking to sell your car soon and don’t want to put more money into it, we’re the salvage yard for you.

We have thousands of salvaged cars & trucks with gently used batteries ripe for the picking: for only $40 a pop, you can have a used battery at your disposal.

Affordable used truck batteries

We don’t just collect used cars, Sturtevant Auto has a wide collection of used trucks with working batteries too. Buy lightly used batteries from our salvage yard and save money on new battery replacements. We have a variety of truck batteries to ensure you don’t end up stranded. At Sturtevant Auto, we offer quality used batteries, from early and late-model trucks, at an affordable price.

Why buy a used car battery

Obviously, a used car battery will be cheaper than a new one—but that comes at a cost. New batteries might give you the full life-span of 4-6 years while a used car battery can only give you part of that. The benefits to buying a used car battery from Sturtevant Auto include:

  • Tested for usability at our facility
  • Backed by 6 month warranty
  • Cheaper investment if you’re going to sell your car
Used batteries for sale near Milwaukee & Chicago

How to know if your car battery needs to be replaced

When you’re experienced, you know. But if you’re inexperienced with cars and want a quick guide on dead batteries, our experts have compiled a simple list of telltale signs that your car battery is dead.

  • Your engine cranks when you turn the key, but the car doesn't fully start. 
  • Sometimes the car starts just fine. Other days, it doesn't start at all. 
  • It's difficult to start the car in cold temperatures.
  • You've needed to jump it several times to get it started. 

Signs of a bad car battery vs. alternator

A good alternator recharges the battery when your car is on, which keeps it going; but if the alternator is bad, then your tiny battery is the only thing powering your car.

If your car starts sometimes and not others, or it takes a few tries to get her going, then take your car to the nearest auto parts shop to get your battery tested. If the battery has juice, then your alternator needs to be replaced - otherwise you’ll be stranded in under 20 miles. Sturtevant Auto is located just outside Racine on the border of Wisconsin and Illinois to help you buy a cheap replacement alternator in no time.

Replace battery for specific car brands

We buy any used or salvaged car in Wisconsin & Illinois and resell the used parts at a discounted rate for folks like you.

Storing a spare battery in your car

Make sure you safely secure your battery either in your trunk or on the floor in the rear passenger footwell opposite to the driver. Batteries can weigh upwards of 30 pounds and you don’t want that dead weight acting as a projectile if you get into any accidents. Secure other material around it to prevent any movement or spillage. Secure plastic caps over the terminals and make sure that the battery does not spill corrosive acid all over your car or trunk.

We only recommend purchasing a spare battery if you know yours will go out soon—otherwise, just wait until it’s dead then purchase a used one from our salvage yard to ensure the charge lasts on your replacement battery.

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Purchase used car parts cheap from a local salvage yard

Our scrap yard is full of vehicles ranging from gently used to wrecked and everything in between. Your junk car is our OEM parts delivery service. Bring in your totaled vehicle and get cash for it, or have us pick it up and you’ll still get cash for it.

We love providing one of the largest pick and pull yards for any used auto part, even reliable car batteries.

Contact Sturtevant Auto Salvage to find gently used batteries for cheap today.

Baterías usadas para coches en Wisconsin

La esperanza de vida para un batería de coche es 4-6 años, pero en Wisconsin puede ser mucho menos por nuestros inviernos tanto fríos.  Sturtevant Auto tiene una selección enorme de baterías para reemplazar las baterías que falla o están muertas en su coche. 

Tenemos 11 acres llena de coches con OEM baterías apenas usadas. Nuestra gran variedad de maracas, incluyes Chrysler, Honda, Kia, Toyota y muchas más. También tenemos los mejor tratos por baterías para camiones.

Nosotros reciclamos coches de chatarra, compramos autos usados y tenemos una gran selección de piezas de coches.

We have a variety of batteries for models such as:

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