Used Chrysler Parts for Sale

Used Chrysler Parts for Sale near Milwaukee & Racine

Sturtevant Auto's salvage yard has a huge inventory of Chrysler vehicles. Our inventory of 1,000+ used cars is always growing and we're buying salvage Chrysler cars, trucks and vans all the time. Chances are we have the gently used parts for your model.

Don't pay extra for brand-new parts when you can get fully functional and reliable Chrysler parts for a fraction of the price. At Sturtevant Auto, we can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to keep your Chrysler running. Call today to see if we have what you need in stock, or come visit us just south of Milwaukee.

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Cheap Used Auto Parts for Chevy Cars and Trucks


Purchase Used Chrysler Car Batteries at Sturtevant Auto

Replacing the battery on your used Chrysler 300 doesn’t have to be too expensive. Come to Sturtevant Auto and go through our salvage yard for cheap used car batteries! Don’t risk your car battery dying on you and leaving you stranded – you can come and pick out a used battery from our pick-and-pull yard, located just south Milwaukee. Learn more


Replacement Chrysler Auto Body Parts at Great Prices

Replacing dented or scratched parts on your car can be a hassle, and is made worse when the bill is ridiculous. Our salvage yard is sure to have your Chrysler replacement parts for whatever make and model of Chrysler you own. You can pick out a replacement door, hood, trunk deck, bumper or any other auto body part in no time at all! Learn more


Buy Wisconsin’s Best Used Chrysler Engines and Parts

Don’t risk a faulty engine when you’re driving your used Chrysler 300. Sturtevant Auto near Racine is an 11-acre salvage yard full of car parts for every make and model of Chrysler car. You will never have to pay top dollar for your replacement motor engines again – check out our pick-and-pull yard and find the best engine for your car! Learn more


Used Chrysler Auto Glass Available at Discounted Prices

Our salvage yard on the southern border of Milwaukee has a huge selection of used auto glass for Chrysler cars. Replace your cracked or broken car window glass on your Chrysler 200 – our massive inventory of auto body parts is available to you at cheap prices. Come to our salvage yard and check out everything we have to offer! Learn more


Milwaukee-area Junkyard’s Best Safe Used Chrysler Tires

Don’t waste your money on brand new tires for your Chrysler car – come to Sturtevant Auto Salvage and get used (but safe!) tires for discounted prices. Whether you want to replace your old worn-out tires, or you just need a quick replacement, we have just what you need. Learn more


Used Chrysler Transmissions and Parts at Sturtevant Auto

When the transmission on your 2010 Chrysler Sebring is failing, don’t spend thousands of dollars replacing it with a brand new one. Come to Sturtevant Auto and find used replacement parts for Chrysler transmissions at great prices. Trust Sturtevant Auto to get you the best prices for whole transmissions or individual parts, including blocking rings, gear bearings, transfer cases, needle bearings, cluster gears, and many, many more. Learn more


Used Chrysler Headlights at Awesome Prices!

When one of the headlights on your 2008 Chrysler Crossfire gets damaged or broken, you don’t have to take it to the dealership and pay out of pocket for a brand new one. Come to Sturtevant Auto near Racine, WI—our pick-and-pull salvage yard has used headlights available for every make and model of Chrysler car! Learn more


Shop Used Car Mirrors for your Chrysler

Driving with a broken or missing side mirror on your Chrysler is dangerous and even illegal, but paying for a brand new replacement can be expensive. If you want to save money, come to Sturtevant Auto south of Milwaukee – our auto salvage yard sells lightly used side and rearview mirrors for Chrysler cars at discounted prices. Learn more


Used Replacement Rims for your Chrysler Car

When your 2001 Chrysler Town and Country needs replacement rims, you may be tempted to pay full price for brand new ones. But at Sturtevant Auto, we save YOU money with our wide selection of used rims for Chrysler cars. Come to our pick-and-pull salvage yard south of Milwaukee to see for yourself! Learn more


The Best Discounted Chrysler Suspension Parts

When your 2005 Chrysler Pacifica has worn out suspension parts, it can cause some serious problems in the long run. Don’t put your car in jeopardy—Sturtevant Auto near Racine has a wide selection of lightly used working shocks and struts for Chrysler cars. Come to our pick-and-pull salvage yard near Milwaukee to find the best used suspension parts for your vehicle! Learn more

Used Truck Parts

Salvage Parts in Great Condition Trucks

You’ll find the used Chrysler truck parts you need at Sturtevant Auto. Whether you’re looking to save money on a repair, or rebuilding an older model, we have the parts you need at the best prices. Salvage an engine, transmission, radiator, hood, fender, headlight, bumper, tailgate, wheels, and anything else you can find in our pick-and-pull salvage yard. We have a huge selection of Dodge Ram trucks – ranging in year, make, and model. Some of our Dodge inventory includes:

  • Dodge D50
  • Dakota
  • Durango
  • Panel Truck
  • Power Ram Pickup
  • Power Wagon
  • Raider
  • Ram 50 Pickup
  • Ram Pickup
  • Ram Charger
  • Warlock Pickup

When you need replacement or used Dodge truck parts, choose the convenient choice. Stop by Sturtevant Auto near Racine today!

Used Chrysler Parts for Sale

Sell Us Your Dodge Truck

Do you have an old, broken down Dodge truck you’re looking to get rid of? Maybe you have a used Dodge Ram in good condition but are looking to upgrade. Make easy cash and let Sturtevant Auto buy your Dodge truck. Not only will we pay you a fair price, and pick up your truck if it doesn’t run, but you’ll also feel good knowing the parts are going to other Dodge truck lovers.

Sturtevant Salvage Yard Has a Large Selection of Replacement Chrysler Parts

Buying used replacement parts is always a good idea! Sturtevant Auto Salvage’s wide variety of cars allows you to find exactly the part you need. We have everything from dent-free car doors to entire engines! A 1998 Chrysler Town and Country with a dead battery can find a cheap replacement battery at our junkyard! If a 1997 Jeep Cherokee has broken windows, drive it over and find replacement windows and windshields at unbelievable prices. It’s easy to replace worn-out tires and wrecked rims for a 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser with our gigantic selection of used car parts.

  • Imperial
  • Concorde
  • Voyager
  • Aspen
  • Crossfire
  • Pacifica
  • Town & Country 
  • Sebring
  • PT Cruise
  • r300

Do you need an engine swap for your 2003 PT Cruiser? Or looking to swap out a bumper on your 2010 Town & Country? Then come on down to Sturtevant Auto in Milwaukee and get the best prices on Chrysler parts.

Used Salvage Parts for Chrysler Sub-Brands

Our 11-acre salvage yard carries a huge supply of discount used OEM parts for Chrysler sub-brands, such as Plymouth, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram. When you need to replace a headlight, tire or battery and don’t want to overspend on a brand-new part, Sturtevant Auto has just what you need. Your ride gets fixed—and you get to keep your arm and leg.

Plymouth Cars Logo

Find Plymouth Used Auto Parts at our Auto Junkyard

Sturtevant Auto purchases junk Plymouth cars, strips their remaining usable parts and re-sells them at a discounted rate.

Automotive enthusiasts looking to refurbish a vintage Plymouth Valiant, Cranbrook, Savoy or Barracuda can browse our stock of salvage parts for affordable body parts, suspension, or transmission parts to get their classic cars back on the road.

By purchasing parts from our junkyard, you're sure to save a lot of money over buying them "new" on the internet.

  • Valiant
  • Cranbrook
  • Savory
  • Barracuda
  • Voyager
  • Neon

Don’t let your Plymouth sit in your garage because you can’t find the parts to fix it. Sturtevant Auto in Milwaukee has plenty of parts for your Plymouth at the best prices.

Jeep Logo

Fix Up Your SUV on the Cheap with Jeep Salvage Parts

Jeep SUVs have developed a reputation for developing many different variants of transmission issues, such as rough shifting, an RPM spike while downshifting, a lit “service transmission” warning indicator, and complete transmission failure. Many others report a “death wobble” (the vehicle shakes violently when traveling over 60 mph) and other quickly worn or malfunctioning suspension parts early in the life of many models of Jeeps. Contact us to find parts for a:

  • Wrangler
  • Grand Cherokee
  • Renegade
  • Cherokee
  • Compass
  • Commander
  • Liberty

Whether you’re looking to replace the exhaust on your 2003 Wrangler, or you’re completely rebuilding a 1997 Cherokee, Sturtevant Auto will give you the best price on Jeep parts in the Milwaukee area.

Dodge Logo

Used Dodge Parts Get Your Car, Truck or Van Back On the Road

Salvage yard professionals at Sturtevant Auto carry used salvage auto parts from Dodge models such as the early to mid-2000’s Ram, Dakota, Caravan, and powerful American classics like the Charger and Challenger. Whether you’re fixing up an old vintage Dodge or buttoning up a newer model, Sturtevant Auto offers the widest inventory of Dodge used parts in the Milwaukee area to give you an affordable alternative.

Many Dodge cars and trucks experience issues with a stuck gear shift, engine failure and premature brake wear. In some freak cases, the engine shuts off randomly, particularly in the Dodge Avenger.

Sturtevant Auto has the used Dodge replacement parts for you when your Stratus or Durango breaks down and new replacement parts are just too expensive for your budget. Browse our junkyard in Wisconsin today.

  • Ram
  • Dakota
  • Caravan
  • Charger
  • Challenger
  • Durango
  • Neon
  • Stratus

Trying to bring life back into your Challenger? Or perhaps your Ram needs a new set of tires? Whatever your problem may be, Sturtevant Auto has the parts you need at the lowest prices.

Used Mopar Parts

Used Mopar Parts for Sale

Whether you need a new exhaust for your 1972 Dart, or you need to rebuild the Hemi of your ‘Cuda, you can find more used parts for less at Sturtevant Auto. We carry used car parts for a laundry list of Chrysler muscle cars, including:

  • Dodge Dart
  • Plymouth Barracuda
  • Dodge Charger
  • Dodge Coronet
  • And more

We carry everything from Holley carbs to entire rear differentials. Our massive 11 acre lot is brimming with used muscle car parts. If you need parts for a Hemi you can find it here. Don’t let your classic Dart sit in your garage for another day. Find the parts you need for less and let your Hemi roar to life. 

Dodge Ram Logo

Ram Used Salvage Parts from Our Southeast Wisconsin Salvage Yard

If your Ram 1500 or 2500 is broken down due to engine, transmission or suspension problems, Sturtevant Auto just outside of Racine, WI offers you the best discounted prices on aftermarket parts.

Sturtevant Auto gives you a cost-conscious alternative to OEM Ram truck parts, including body, engine, or transmission parts.

OEM parts at discount prices

Aftermarket parts often aren’t as dependable as genuine, OEM parts. Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard is full of cars with OEM replacement parts at great prices. Cheap transmissions for a 2001 Chrysler 300M are waiting for you at Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard. Our Milwaukee-area junkyard is stocked full of replacement OEM parts for any Chrysler vehicle, whether it be a 1998 Chrysler Sebring or a 2003 Dodge Stratus.

Chrysler Logo

Get Cash for Your Junk Chrysler

It sure held on for the last thousand miles, but your 1996 Chrysler Stratus finally called it quits. You had a lot of great memories in it, but it’s time to let go. Don’t pay hundreds for someone to tow away your first car. Sturtevant Auto will pick it up and give you an honest, fair deal. Even if it isn’t quite dead yet, we’ll still buy your junk Chrysler. We’ll give you cash for an old Chrysler, letting you put money towards a new one

Buy Your Next Used Chrysler from Milwaukee area Salvage Yard

Don’t keep sinking money into your dying car, buy a salvage Chrysler from Sturtevant Auto. Many of the cars people bring to us are still running and have thousands of miles left in them. Find Sebrings, Voyagers, PT Cruisers, and other Chryslers in great shape at great prices. There comes a time when you should stop spending money every few months to keep your car running. Get a great new-to-you one from Sturtevant Auto. We’ll even buy your old one and give you credit towards the new one.

Contact Sturtevant Auto Salvage at 262-835-2914 for used Chrysler parts including batteries, body parts, rims, tires, car doors, window glass, transmissions and motor engines.