Affordable Used Tail Light Replacements

Used Auto Tail Light Replacements in Wisconsin & Illinois

Tail lights are among the most commonly damaged parts on any vehicle. Rear-end collisions and backing into obstacles happen frequently, and when they do you need a new tail light immediately. It is illegal to drive with a broken tail light on Wisconsin and Illinois roads.

Used Tail Light Price: $25 - 50

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Economical replacement tail lights & assemblies

When an assembly needs to be replaced, the cost of purchasing a brand-new replacement tail light can vary greatly. Depending on your vehicle’s year and model, you could be paying anywhere from $200 to $2000 for each assembly. At our salvage yard, you can pull the parts you need or have us pick them for you for a fraction of the cost. Every used part comes with our 90-day guarantee.

How to know when your tail light needs replacing

If you’re unsure whether your tail light needs to be replaced, there are a few signs to look out for. If the plastic surrounding your tail light bulbs is cracked, it’s time to get a new assembly. If the plastic is intact but the bulbs do not light up, you’ll at least need a new tail light bulb.

When you can replace your light bulb vs the whole assembly

A tail light assembly includes your tail lights, brake lights, and reversing lights in a single plastic-encased housing. Any major damage to the plastic surrounding your brake light bulbs means you need a new assembly. If your tail lights do not turn on when you turn on your headlights, you likely have a bulb out. Contact Sturtevant Auto for the best recommendations on replacing your old worn out or broken tail lights.

Replacement tail light bulbs & assemblies for your make & model

We buy any used or salvaged car in Wisconsin & Illinois and resell the used parts at a discounted rate for folks like you.

Purchase low-cost used auto parts from our scrap yard

Our salvage yard is full of old and newer vehicles in every condition, from gently used to completely totaled. Come talk to us about getting cheap used parts for your car. Or bring in your old, used, or wrecked vehicles and get cash for them. We’ll even come pick them up!

We have a variety of tail lights for models such as:

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