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Adding a spoiler to your car is about more than just style. Spoilers can help improve airflow over and under your car for improved fuel efficiency and handling. If you’ve ever experienced air pushing your car around during high winds or at high speeds, adding a spoiler can steady your driving experience.

Used Spoiler Price: $20 - 50

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Affordable Front and Rear Spoilers

Spoilers are a common aftermarket addition for sedans, coups, hatchbacks, and even SUVs. Purchasing one new can easily run $150 - $300, or potentially more for high-end carbon fiber models. At Sturtevant Auto, you can pick your own spoiler from our extensive auto scrap yard for just $20 or have us pick one for you for only $50. Every used part comes with our 90-day guarantee.

How to choose the right spoiler for your car


Spoilers are manufactured with a variety of materials including ABS plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. Most OEM spoilers will be made of ABS plastic, making them cheaper and easier to find in general, despite being more brittle. Aluminum and fiberglass are more durable options but are less common. Carbon fiber combines strength with lightweight materials, but is the most expensive and hardest to find.


Spoilers are most commonly installed on the trunk lid of your car, but can also be found under the front bumper or over the rear window. While rear pedestal spoilers improve airflow over your car, front spoilers are intended to reduce airflow beneath your car. Roof spoilers mounted above the rear window provide the same functionality as pedestal spoilers but are a more subtle option common for hatchbacks and SUVs.

Used & replacement spoilers to fit your make & model

We buy any used or salvaged car in Wisconsin & Illinois and resell the used parts at a discounted rate for folks like you.

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Browse our 11-acre auto scrapyard for thousands of gently used auto parts. If you’re looking to get rid of your old, junked car or truck, we will buy it off you for cash. We will even come to you if your vehicle isn’t driveable.

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