Used Alternator

Used Alternators in Wisconsin 

Alternators are important for getting your car to start. They also power most of your car’s electronic components while you’re driving. When your alternator breaks, your car can only run on battery power, and that won’t last long. At Sturtevant Auto, we carry used alternators for any major make and model, both domestic and foreign, for an affordable price. Contact our salvage yard today or come visit, and we’ll help you find a quality replacement alternator for your vehicle.

Used alternator price: $25 (You Pull It) or $65 (We Pull It)

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Affordable Replacement Alternator

Finding a new alternator to replace your broken one can be a hassle. Most new alternators can run you anywhere from $500 to $1,000. Sturtevant Salvage Yard offers lightly used, but quality alternators for a fraction of the new price. $25 if you pull it yourself or $65 if we do it for you. We offer a 90-day guarantee so you won’t have to regret your purchase, and you receive incredible savings from shopping at our yard. 

How to Know When to Replace Your Alternator

Typical signs of a bad alternator can sometimes be mistaken for problems with the car battery. Having more than one of the following issues could be an indicator that it is your alternator:

  • Dim or overly bright lights
  • Dead battery
  • Slow or malfunctioning accessories
  • Trouble starting or frequent stalling
  • Growling or whining noises
  • Burnt rubber or wire smell
  • The battery warning light comes on

Cheap Used Car Parts from Auto Scrap Yard

We have a salvage yard full of old and newer vehicles in various conditions, from lightly worn to completely totaled. Bring in your junk car and bring life to another vehicle. We accept old, used, or wrecked vehicles and you get cash in return. We’ll even come to you!

We have a variety of alternators for models such as:

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