Used Air Bags

Used Air Bags in SE Wisconsin & Illinois

Does your vehicle no longer have an airbag? Don't drive around at risk because you can't afford a new one. Instead, come to Sturtevant Auto and salvage a quality airbag for a fraction of the price of a new one. 

Used Air Bag Price: $45 (You Pull It) or $80 (We Pull It)

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Affordable Air Bags

New airbags can be $500 or more, depending on your vehicle and which side you are replacing. At this rate, the prices we offer are unbeatable, and we even provide a 90-day guarantee on every part we sell.

When to Replace Air Bags

If at any point in your vehicle's history, your airbag has been deployed, it MUST be replaced. Even if they haven't been deployed, many car-makers recommend providing your car with new airbags every 10 years.

Get cheap used car parts from our auto scrap yard

Our salvage yard is full of old and newer vehicles in every condition, from gently used to completely totaled. Let your junk car bring new life to another vehicle! Bring in your old, used, or wrecked vehicles and get cash for them. We’ll even come to you.

We have a variety of air bags for models such as:

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