Used A/C Condensers

Used AC Condensers in Wisconsin & Illinois

A faulty AC condenser is anything but ideal. If yours is giving you problems, or if it has just completely given up, don't sweat it! At Sturtevant Auto, we carry used auto parts for any major make and model, both domestic and foreign, for less. Contact us or visit today and we’ll help you find a high-quality, low-cost AC compressor for your vehicle.

Used AC Condenser Price: $30 (You Pull It) or $65 (We Pull It)

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Affordable Replacement

Buying a new AC condenser will run you upwards of $500. Our salvage yard offers lightly used condensers for a tiny fraction of that price: $30 if you pull it yourself, or just $65 if we do it for you! On top of the incredible savings you will get from shopping in our yard, you can also rest assured you will not regret your purchase because every used part comes with our 90-day guarantee.

How to Know When to Replace Your AC Condenser

  • Loud or unusual noises coming from the unit
  • Decreased cooling capabilities
  • Burning smell from vents

Get cheap used car parts from our auto scrap yard

Our salvage yard is full of old and newer vehicles in every condition, from gently used to completely totaled. Let your junk car bring new life to another vehicle! Bring in your old, used, or wrecked vehicles and get cash for them. We’ll even come to you.

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We have a variety of a/c condensers for models such as:

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