Used A/C Compressor

Used AC Compressors for Less in SE Wisconsin

Your car's AC compressor is essential to your everyday comfort, especially in our hot and humid summers. Compressors are the heart of your car's air conditioning system; if yours is underperforming, you'll be left to face the heat waves on your own. Come on down to our yard and find a quality, used AC compressor so you don't have to sweat it. 

Used AC Compressor Price: $30

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Cheap AC Compressor Replacement

Pick and pull used A/C compressors from our junkers.

New car parts are expensive: if you’re not financially ready for the purchase or are looking to sell your car soon and don’t want to put more money into it, we’re the salvage yard for you

We have thousands of salvaged cars & trucks with gently used parts ripe for the picking: for only $30, you can pick one of our used AC compressors.

Affordable used AC Compressors

Brand-new AC compressors can cost anywhere between $200-$300. At Sturtevant Auto, grab a lightly used compressor for a mere $30. That is an amazing bargain! Worried about the quality of these parts? Don't be. If it doesn't live up to your standards, all of our used parts carry a 90-day warranty

How to know if your AC Compressor needs to be replaced

A couple of signs that can help you determine if your compressor is going bad:

  • Hot/Warm Air: this may seem obvious, but this is a good sign your compressor is failing. 
  • Odd Noises: if you hear any unfamiliar noises when you switch on the AC, your compressor is having problems

Purchase used car parts cheap from a salvage yard

Our scrap yard is full of vehicles ranging from gently used to totally wrecked and everything in between. Your junk car is our OEM parts delivery service. Bring in your totaled vehicle and get cash for it, or have us pick it up and you’ll still get cash for it.

We love providing one of the largest pick and pull yards for any used auto part, even reliable car batteries.

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We have a variety of a/c compressors for models such as:

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