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Battery vs Alternator Problems: Which is to Blame?

Telling the difference between a faulty battery & alternator is simple with our outline of the signs and symptoms of dying batteries & alternators.

Being prepared can make any stressful situation easier, but without the proper knowledge, how can you expect to be ready for your car failing? Having a limited understanding of how cars work can leave you feeling helpless when your car refuses to start. The best way to empower yourself, especially in preparation for car failures, is to understanding the function of basic parts of your vehicle, like batteries and alternators—two of the main parts blamed for failed car startups.

You can perform a straightforward diagnosis of your car to decide if its failure is due to a dead battery or alternator. Differentiating between the two car parts is actually pretty easy once you analyze the signs and symptoms of dying batteries and alternators. Sturtevant Auto has reliable used batteries for sale at discount prices!

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Signs Your Car Battery is Dying or Dead

If you only drive your car once or twice a day for less than ten minutes each trip, you may not be giving your battery the charge it needs to stay in operation. When your car cannot start, it’s important you keep these additional facts in mind, so you can better decide if your battery is dead or not. Your battery may be dead if it exhibits the following symptoms:

  1. Car headlights remain dim
  2. Clicking noise when you turn the key
  3. Vehicle engine cranks slowly, won’t start
  4. Backfiring
  5. Car won’t start after sitting overnight
  6. Car won’t start unless you give it gas

If you’ve experienced these signs, there is a high probability you have a dying or dead battery on your hands, helping bring the battery vs alternator debate to a successful conclusion.

If you know you’ll have to replace your car’s battery, it’s a good idea to have your alternator checked as well. Failing alternators can drain batteries, leading to their inevitable death. Yes, your battery is the reason your car didn’t start this time, but your alternator could still be the root cause of your car’s failure to start up. Without having your alternator inspected, you could be replacing your battery again in the near future.

Common Symptoms of a Failing Alternator

Unlike a failed battery, dying alternators can be harder to catch because the symptoms of failing alternators sometimes don’t appear until the moment your alternator already starts to give in. You could start your day off perfectly normal, but your car might begin to shut down on your drive to or from school or work. Alternators produce a current to power your vehicle’s headlights, radio, battery, and other mechanics relying on electricity. The signs of a dying alternator include:

  1. Car shutting down shortly after being jumped
  2. Car’s electronic operations (radio, headlights) weaken while driving
  3. Alternator warning light is on
  4. Headlights dimming more than usual
  5. The smell of hot wires, caused by a reduced electrical current
  6. A whining noise from the engine, a result of a crank shaft belt is about to give in

When your car experiences these problems, you’re facing a strong potential of a dying or dead alternator, putting the battery vs alternator conversation to rest. A more expensive repair and replacement than a car battery, you definitely want to make sure you’re keeping an eye out for these symptoms so you have the option to simply make a repair before being forced to replace the entire unit.

Milwaukee Junkyard Carries Parts for Most Auto Manufacturers

Our salvage yard near Milwaukee carries all sorts of parts for different makes and models. Whether you have a Chevy Cavalier or Honda Accord - we've got what you need.

Sturtevant Auto offers different car parts for all types of makes and models, including:

Our inventory is always changing – give us a call before your next visit! 

Sturtevant Auto Salvage Provides Used Auto Parts in Racine, WI

Difference between Alternator and Battery ProblemsMilwaukee pick and pull salvage yard has a huge supply of used batteries and alternators.

If you’re in a position where you’re still debating the battery vs alternator quagmire, chances are, you will need to replace a battery. The best way to save money is by checking out cheap used auto parts from Sturtevant Auto’s Racine, Wisconsin salvage yard.

Finding used batteries is easy and affordable because we have a wide range of used parts from many different makes and models of cars and trucks for sale at our pick and pull junkyard. Not only will we have helped prepare you for diagnosing whether or not your battery or alternator is to blame for your car’s failed startup, but we can help prepare you for an easier transition to an operational car once again. Reduce the impact a replacement battery has on your wallet with our used auto parts selection. Although we do offer used batteries, there are a handful of other used auto parts we have in stock, such as:



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Although it does not happen all the time, you can definitely be in a position where you may have to replace both your battery and alternator. This can be a huge inconvenience not only for your budget, but for your schedule as well. If you think you can save more time and money simply investing in a new car, Sturtevant Auto is your best option for selling your old car. (We buy used cars for up to $10,000!)

We will buy your car in any condition, including:

If you’re interested in selling your clunker, Sturtevant Auto can make your next purchase of a new or used vehicle a realistic option with our junk car program and price calculator tool. If you’re interested in taking advantage of our services, give us a call today so we can assist you with your battery, alternator, and other vehicle needs!  

Contact Sturtevant Auto pick and pull junk yard today to benefit from our used batteries selection and junk car program!  
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