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Used Tires for Sale in Southeast Wisconsin

Best Prices on Used Tires Near Milwaukee

Used Tire Price: Just $20!

Just because a car ends up in a junkyard doesn't mean the tires are junk. We often get cars that have been deemed a complete loss by insurance companies that have 4 perfectly good tires (among other parts).

Used Tires are just $20 for BMW, Toyota, Chrysler, Nissan and Volkswagen Cars

All the used tires we sell have passed our safety inspection, so you can count on them being road worthy.

Whether you need...

  • Tires for a truck
  • Tires for a car
  • All 4 tires replaced
  • Just 1 tire replaced
  • A new spare tire

...chances are we have the tires you're looking for.

Why buy used tires over brand new ones?

At Sturtevant, we see tires come to us every week that are in perfectly good shape. If you've ever bought a set of brand new tires from a garage or auto shop, you know how expensive they are. Our prices are lower, way lower, and the quality of the tires is still relatively high. Come see for yourself!

Need help reading tire sizes? Check out our guide!

Worn or bald tires are an extreme driving hazard, especially in rain and snow. Driving with bald tires can cause your car to hydroplane, sending you sliding out of control and quite likely colliding with other vehicles. Even on dry summer days balding tires are dangerous, as they're more vulnerable to catastrophic blowout. Worn out tires also decrease braking performance noticeably, and are more prone to blowout in emergency braking situations.

Car Tire Replacement Guidelines

Used Tires Milwaukee

Tire treads require an absolute minimum depth of 1/16th of an inch to drive safely in wet conditions. To test your tires, insert a penny between the tire treads with Lincoln’s head upside down. If the very top of the president’s head is at all visible, your tires are long past due for replacement. Be sure to check all four car tires from multiple points on the tread.

Bald tires are not only dangerous, they’re illegal. You can actually get fined for having unsafe tires on your car, and you will most definitely fail a safety inspection. With the potential for balding tires to cause an accident and citations from law enforcement, there is no excuse to drive with worn out tires.

Can you replace just one tire?

What if you ran over a nail that damaged the sidewall of your front right tire and no shop is willing to repair it because it won't be safe? Youve got 3 good tires and all your gearhead friends are telling you it's a bad idea to replace just one tire. Well, actually, it's not always a bad idea. In some cases, you CAN replace just one. Learn more about when it's ok and when it not ok to replace just one tire.

Cheap Truck Tires SE WisconsinUsed Truck Tires in Great Condition

The bigger the tire, the more rubber is used to make it and the more expensive it is. Replacing a set of truck tires can get very expensive. So why not go the affordable route? Used truck tires from Sturtevant Auto are a great way to save money.

Sturtevant Auto always has huge selection of used tires in sizes to fit a wide range of pickup trucks, SUVs and service trucks. Whether you need all-season, all terrain, snow, or performance tires, chances are we'll have what you’re looking for.

Used Rims for Snow Tires or Spares

We get a lot of customers looking for a set of rims to mount snow tires on. Having a dedicated set of winter tires mounted on rims eliminates the hassle and expense of having to get your tires changed at the start and end of winter. Let us know what you need and we'll check our inventory to see if we have the right size rims in stock. Don't waste your time with Craigslist. Just like with all the parts at our salvage yard, you can count on the best deals at Sturtevant Auto.

Used Car Parts at unbeatable prices

In addition to tires, we also have rims, replacement lug nuts and axles. Because we're constantly buying junk cars, you can count on a steady supply of used parts. If we don't have what you need in our 1,000+ car inventory today, we'll let you know when we get it in stock.

Visit our Milwaukee-area auto salvage yard for the best selection of used tires and rims.


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Contact Wisconsin’s best used auto glass dealer, Sturtevant Auto, to repair your broken windows and windshield.


Reemplazar sus parabrisas con parabrisas de OEM usados

Parabrisas roto o dañado no es seguro para su y sus pasajeros. Parabrisas son un parte esencial del sistema de seguridad de su coche. Hay muchísimas tipos de parabrisas rotos, como una viruta, una grieta de la tensión o parabrisas destrozada del vandalismo. 

Hay muchísimas tipos de parabrisas rotos, como una viruta, una grieta de la tensión o parabrisas destrozada del vandalismo. Nuestros expertos pueden determinar si es necesario a arreglar o reemplazar su parabrisas. OEM parabrisas usadas son las mejores parabrisas y en Sturtevant Auto nosotros tenemos las más baratas. También tenemos cristal remplazar para autos para camiones.

También tenemos una variedad de piezas de coches por casi todos los fabricantes de carros. Y compramos autos usadas por más efectivo de cualquier lugar en Wisconsin o Illinois.

Llantas usadas de coches gastadas 

Las llantas gastadas son muy peligrosas, especialmente cuando esta lloviendo o nevando. Ademas, son ilegales. No corra riesgos con su vida. Sturtevant Auto tiene llantas usadas en condiciones buenas, y las vendemos por muy buen precio. Tenemos 11 acres de coches con llantas usadas. Llantas con banda de rodadura suficiente aseguran que su vehículo es lo más seguro que puede ser.

¿No sabe qué tipo de llantas necesita? Vea nuestra guía para decidir cualquier tamaño de llantas su coche necesita. Tenemos también una variedad de piezas de coches de casi todos los fabricantes de carros. Y si buscas vender un coche viejo, ofrecemos los mejores precios por autos usadas de cualquier lugar en Wisconsin o Illinois.

Contacta la mejor chatarrería en Milwaukee, Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard, para buscar llantas económicas.

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Used tires from auto salvage yards often arrive in excellent condition, despite damage to other parts of the vehicle. Sturtevant Auto Salvage buys used and disabled vehicles providing a diverse inventory of used tire sets at an exceptional discount. Our discount used tires fit almost any vehicle make or model, delivering great treads at low prices. Whether you need four tires for a Chevy Malibutwo wheels for a Volkswagen Golf or one tire for a Ford Explorer, we have just what you’re looking for. These quality, low mileage used tires for sale are the perfect alternative to expensive new tires. Improve your vehicles ride quality and even your gas mileage with our durable used tires. Not to mention saving the planet in the process by recycling used tires that still have plenty of life left to them.. We even offer replacement lug nuts and wheel axles. Because we're constantly buying junk cars, we have a steady supply of used tires available, ensuring you'll find just what you need.

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Sturtevant Auto has an incredible selection of used auto parts.
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