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Used Tires Milwaukee

Tires can be expensive.  Retailers and specialty stores can charge hundreds of dollars for a set. Sturtevant Auto Salvage now offers a cost effective solution. Come to our Racine-area Junkyard and get yourself set of high-quality, cheap used tires.  We have a constantly growing inventory, and we often receive damaged cars with four in-tact tires. Feel free to browse the most complete inventory of used auto parts near Milwaukee, Racine, and the surrounding areas have to offer.

Best Discount Tires near Milwaukee.

Good prices, good tread. Come down and look for yourself. Sturtevant Auto Salvage and Used Auto Parts near Racine offers an extensive selection of used tires, thus providing a great money-saving opportunity for our customers.   Contact our Racine-area Junkyard experts today for more information.

Used Auto Parts near Racine from Sturevant Auto

Sturtevant Auto offers huge savings on the following items:

  • Used Tires
  • Used Engines
  • Used Transmissions
  • Used Batteries
  • Used Car Doors
  • ...and more!
Come to our Milwaukee-area junk yard to look through the best selection of discount tires southeastern Wisconsin has to offer.

What to Look For in Used Tires for Sale

Everyone is skeptical about buying used auto parts, but following these guidelines helps you make the right choice. Our junkyard carries quality used tires near Milwaukee for premium prices. Buying used tires is much cheaper than buying new tires or wasting repair costs. Auto Salvage Sturtevant offers strong tires with great traction.

There are a few things to check for when buying your used tires.

First, find your vehicle's tire size from your manual or driver’s side panel. Then, make sure you only look at used tires of the same size. For help, check out our guide to reading and understanding tire sizes. Checking for uneven tire wear is important in checking for suitability. Do this by touching the tire to look for rises or dips. In general, don’t buy a tire which feels flatter on one end than the other. The last aspect to remember about used tires is to search the inside for excessive repairs. Do not buy a tire with too many patches or plugs. Sturtevant Auto Salvage provides you used tires in Milwaukee for great prices. Use these guidelines when you visit our junkyard for your replacement tires!

What to Do With Your Old Used Tires

Our junkyard accepts used car tires for cash.  Many tire disposal junkyards in Wisconsin will charge you a fortune to get rid of your tires. Turn to Sturtevant Auto Junkyard to trade your used tires for a small fee. Speak with one of our specialists for more information.

Call our Milwaukee-area auto parts salvage experts to make money for used tires.