Sell Your Damaged Car

Get Quick Cash for Your Scuffed, Rusty, Dented, Scratched, Beat Up Junker

Damaged Car Not Worth Repairing Showing Headlight, Hood and BumperYour damaged car sits sadly in your backyard, slowly sinking into the soil. Its purpose has turned from beating the pavement to providing a grip for ugly weeds and vines. While some may see a useless pile of garbage, we see an opportunity to provide southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois with working, used auto parts.

We want your junk car! We rely on buying old, unused cars to keep our 11-acre lot of used auto parts full and diverse. Your junk car may be just what we’re looking for.

No matter the year, make or model, we will pay you for your running or non-running salvage or junk car. Contact us today for a quote!


Milwaukee-Area Salvage Yard Pays up to $10,000 for Hail Damaged Vehicles

No other scrap yard in south Milwaukee or north Chicago will pay you more for your damaged car than Sturtevant Auto. We will compete for your business and may even pay more than a dealer is willing to offer as trade-in value. Where they see cosmetic imperfections, we see perfectly usable parts other people want.

If you have a damaged car and live within 35 miles of our junkyard in Sturtevant— contact us! We’ll come pick it up for you and give you quick cash, up to $10,000.

Contact Sturtevant Auto for a quote on your damaged car’s salvage value.