How To Sell A Junk Car Without A Title?

Wisconsin Salvage Yard Offers Cash For Junk Cars Without A Title

How to sell your car without a title

Vehicle sellers are typically required to provide the title of the car when transferring ownership. However, there are exceptions in place.

In this guide, we will explore various scenarios where you can sell a used car without a title. At Sturtevant Auto, we are a reputable Wisconsin auto salvage junkyard that specializes in purchasing used scrap parts and junk vehicles, even without tags, offering you a legal and hassle-free solution.

Reasons for Not Having a Title:

Car Title Held by a Bank or Lienholder

If you have an outstanding car loan, the bank or lienholder may retain the title until the final payment is made. Selling your car before clearing the loan could result in not having the title in hand.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Vehicle Title

Selling a car without a title can be challenging if you've lost or misplaced it, or if it has been stolen. However, there are solutions available. When you buy and register a car, your information is stored in a database, allowing you to request a replacement title if needed. Visit your local Wisconsin Department of Transportation to start the process. 

You Moved Out of State

When a person moves out of state, their car may not have a title for several reasons. One common scenario is that the owner hasn't transferred the title to the new state yet. As a result, the car will have no title attached. If you've recently moved out of state and this situation applies to you, give us a call today to receive cash for junk cars without titles.

Car Has Been Totalled

Cars deemed salvage vehicles or declared unfit for road use may not have a valid title. This can occur when a vehicle has been wrecked, totaled, or has significant damages that exceed its value. Cars that have been totaled do not have a title because the insurance company typically declares them as a "total loss." This means that the cost of repairing the damages exceeds the actual value of the salvaged car. In such cases, it becomes impractical for the insurance company to invest in repairs, and they instead pay the owner the estimated value of the vehicle at the time of the accident. As a result, the car loses its title status, making it challenging to obtain a valid title for the vehicle.

Sell Your Junk Car Without A Title To Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard


The junkyard experts at Sturtevant Auto near Milwaukee, WI will buy your car without a title under certain conditions:

  • Your car is 15-25 years old

  • Your car is considered a collectible 

  • Your car could be exempt from needing a title in sales 

In the state of Wisconsin, it is perfectly legal to sell a car without a title for scrap. If you want to sell a working vehicle in Southeast Wisconsin, you’ll either need to apply for a new title or sell through a licensed dealer.

Our used auto parts professionals will offer you cash for junk cars without a title for our huge auto parts inventory. You won’t find anyone else in the Milwaukee area willing to give you a better deal. Feel free to shop around. Our prices speak for themselves! 

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Junk Car Pick-Up in the Milwaukee Area

Looking for junk yards that buy cars without title or registration near Milwaukee, WI? If you live within a 35-mile radius of Sturtevant Auto, we will come to you. As long as your car meets the required criteria, titled or not, we will pick up your junk car and leave you with cash.

Contact Sturtevant Auto to discuss selling your car without a title to our salvage yard.