Sell Your Car with Branded Title

We Don’t Need a Clean Title to Buy Your Junk Car

Van with Smashed Front End and Dirty Title to Sell to Milwaukee Area Junk YardHave a car with a branded title? Insurance companies won’t underwrite it. Dealers don’t want it. Most people steer clear of them. Your choices rapidly dwindle when your car has a branded title due to past damage. Fortunately for you, Sturtevant Auto may buy your junk car with a branded title to salvage it.


We Buy Cars with Salvage & Branded Titles

When your insurance company denies coverage on a car with a salvage or branded title, you’re not entirely out of luck. We’ll pay you to take it off your hands. For us, it’s a source for valuable, used replacement car parts.

Even though a car with a salvage or branded title experiences a hit in value, we will give you a good price for it, better than any other salvage yard in the Racine area.

Selling a Car with a Branded Title?

If you have a car with a branded title you’d like to exchange for some quick cash, give us a call. We’ll discuss your options. Tell us the year, make, model and brief car history and we’ll do what we can to purchase your car with a branded title and put money in your pocket!

Contact our Kenosha junk yard professionals for more details on selling your car with a branded title.