How Long Can I Drive On Bald Tires?

Three Ways Bald Tires Can & Will Kill You

Spot Cracked Sidewalls

Don't Let this Happen to You

You can drive on bald tires for as long as you feel comfortable risking your life. Technically, you can drive on bald tires until they burst on the freeway while you’re doing 80 miles per hour; but we don’t endorse that. Customers often ask the expert mechanics at Sturtevant Auto how long they can drive on bald tires and we always tell them; “As long as it takes to drive down to our yard and buy new tires.” Bald tires aren’t just dangerous, they’re deadly. Driving on bald tires can kill you the following ways:

  1. Hydroplaning
  2. Losing Control
  3. Stopping Short

We aren’t writing this because we want to scare you into buying tires from us. We’re writing this because driving on bald tires is truly dangerous. The 2,000-pound hunk of steel you are driving is connected to the road by four pieces of rubber, make sure those pieces of rubber are safe.

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1. Hydroplaning in a Rainstorm and Crashing into a River

The tread on your tires is designed to push water out from underneath them. As that tread wears down nothing prevents water from getting between the road and your tires. Once you hydroplane, you can no longer turn to avoid a crash or brake to slow down.

2. Losing Control and Spinning Out into a Tree

The tread on your tire helps grip the road. Proper tread ensures your car goes where you want it to go, not where momentum wants it to go. Take a turn with bald tires and nothing is stopping you from going straight into a tree.

3. Stopping Short and Crashing into a Semi

Tread keeps your car from going where you don’t want to go. If your tire is bald, you won’t have any tread to slow you down. Stopping distance increases exponentially if your tires are bald. You could have the best brakes in the world, but they won’t make a difference if nothing is keeping you on the road.

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