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Used BMW Parts between Milwaukee and Racine

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Milwaukee and Northern Illinois area BMW owners and shops know when it comes to finding used and recycled parts for their E46 M3, 3 Series, Mini Cooper S Hatchback or E90 BMW M3, Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard has the used BMW parts they need. Our giant selection of parts is possible because we are always buying used, junk and salvage BMWs.

Our inventory of BMW parts include:

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Used engines, transmissions, and suspensions are available for all models of BMW cars and Luxury Vehicles.

Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard is just a short drive south from Milwaukee or north from Racine and you’ll find all the used BMW parts you could ever need.

No matter what used BMW part you are looking for, check out Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard and find the motor, battery or other replacement car part you need.

Saving money on car repairs is easy when you shop Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard’s large selection of BMW junk cars. Dented bumpers and chipped auto glass for a 2009 BMW X3 can be replaced with perfect condition, used replacement parts found at our 11-acre salvage yard. A used suspension for a 2006 Mini Cooper S Hatchback and a used transmission for a Mini Cooper COnvertible can be found for rock-bottom prices at Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard.


The Best Place to Find Cheap Replacement BMW Parts around Milwaukee

Cheap Used Body Parts Milwaukee

Used Car Body Parts for BMW Vehicles

Minor repairs for body or bumper damage on a BMW can be accomplished for less when buying used parts at our massive junkyard. Pick and pull doors, bumpers, hoods, and other auto body parts from salvaged BMWs to get the best price on replacement parts. Get parts -->

Used Cheap Rims Milwaukee

Discount BMW Tire Rims

Damaged rims can throw off your car’s whole performance. Don’t put up with bent, cracked, or broken tire rims when you could have perfectly good lightly used rims from Sturtevant Auto pick and pull junkyard. Used rims and wheels are available for a BMW Eurovan, Phaeton, and many other BMW models. Get parts -->

Cheap Replacement Engine Parts Milwaukee

Cheap Replacement BMW Engines

A replacement engine sounds like an expensive fix—but it doesn’t have to be. Buy a lightly used engine and still have money left over to get a set of used tires and rims, too. Our salvage yard south of Milwaukee has engines and parts for 1998 BMW 3 Series and many other BMW models. Get parts -->

Cheap Used Windshield Glass Milwaukee

Used Auto Glass for BMWs

A cracked windshield can have dangerous consequences if ignored. Damaged glass can block your view, be distracting, or just get you pulled over. Find a low price, intact, used windshield for a 2001 BMW or other BMW model and drive safely. Get parts -->

Used Car Batteries for Volkswagens Milwaukee

Used Replacement BMW Car Batteries

When your battery is dead or dying but the rest of the car still runs all right, a used BMW battery is a great way to squeeze a few more miles out of an old car. A low or weak battery on a 2011 Hatchback or other Mini Cooper model can be replaced for cheap when you buy a used car battery at Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard. Get parts -->

Cheap Replacement Tires Milwaukee

Used Replacement BMW Tires

Got a flat or bald tire giving you grief? Sturtevant Auto offers crazy low prices on used tires from our salvage yard near Milwaukee. Why pay full price for a brand new tire for a marginal difference? Come down to our salvage yard to pick and pull the tire(s) of your choice for your BMW today. Get parts -->

Cheap Volkswagen Headlights Milwaukee

Pick and Pull Cheap Used Headlights for BMWs

Broken headlight bulb, housing, or lens? You could take your BMW to the dealership, but you wouldn't be saving the money you should. Instead, check out the huge selection of BMWs at our pick and pull junkyard—you just might find exactly what you need. Get parts -->

Used Volkswagen Car Side Rear View Mirrors

Cheap Side and Rear View BMW Mirrors

Don’t spend more than you have to on replacement mirrors. Find a cheap used side or rearview mirror for your BMW at Sturtevant Auto. Pick and pull the parts you need from our salvage yard—there’s a good chance you’ll find an old BMW with the mirrors you need. Get parts -->

Used Suspension Parts Junkyard Milwaukee

Used BMW Suspension Parts

If you’re feeling every bump in the road, your Mini Cooper might have a suspension problem. Instead of spending thousands of your hard-earned dollars on a brand new suspension system, pick and pull cheap replacement parts from some old BMWs in our junkyard. Get parts -->

Cheap Replacement Engine Parts Milwaukee

BMW Engine Parts at Discount Prices

When your beloved 3 Series needs a replacement engine or engine parts, buying brand new might be out of your budget. Not to worry— our 11-acre salvage yard near Milwaukee has a huge selection of BMWs you can pull cheap used engine parts from. Get parts -->

Used Cheap Rims Milwaukee

Used Tire Rims for Your BMW

Bent, broken, or damaged rims affect your BMWs performance. You don’t have to put up with that. Get cheap used tire rims for your BMW at our massive junkyard. Pick and pull all the parts you need and get a better deal than anywhere else in the Milwaukee area. Get parts -->

Cheap Used Transmission Parts Near Milwaukee

Cheap Used BMW Transmissions

A brand new transmission could cost you thousands—or you could salvage a used one from Sturtevant Auto near Racine. You’ll find the best lightly used BMW transmissions in Southeast Wisconsin at our pick and pull junkyard. Take the parts you need to get your BMW back on the road, without breaking the bank. Get parts -->



Used Auto Parts for BMWFinding Used BMW Car Parts Online is Easy

BMW vehicles have a reputation for being reliable, and are one of the bestselling luxury cars in the world, and especially the US. Dominating the market must mean we’re dealing with a quality car, but it doesn’t mean that BMWs are everlasting automobiles. Every car, no matter the brand, will need repairs eventually.

But how much will it cost to keep the original quality of a BMW? As one of the most expensive car brands to repair or find used car replacements for, BMW vehicles can empty your wallet much quicker than you’d anticipate.


Used Auto Parts for M3, Series 3, and7 Series E38

Classic BMW car for parts from Sturtevant Auto in Milwaukee Area

Despite this fact, owning a luxury car doesn’t mean you are out of options. Sturtevant Auto’s junkyard is full of all types of cars, from the X3 to the E36/7 Z3, we have you covered. Finding used Audi rims online is easy with Sturtevant Auto’s wide selection of used car parts. Replacement parts are at their best prices when they are used.

Call Sturtevant Auto today for more information regarding our used parts and how much money you can save with them.

Volkswagen Logo

Used Mini OEM Parts: Locate the Right Part at the Right Price

Buying genuine OEM BMW parts does not have to be expensive. Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard’s acres of junk cars are filled with inexpensive, used BMW OEM parts. Buy the part designed by the manufacturer to repair your BMW auto at an unbeatable price. Whether you need a used Mini Cooper or John Cooper engine, wheelset or transmission, Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard has what you’re looking for. OEM Mini parts are available for you to purchase at the right price.

Do not waste time or money looking for OEM parts online. Take the short trip south of the Milwaukee-Racine border to buy your used Mini OEM parts at Sturtevant Auto Salvage Yard and save big.


Some of the most common Mini problems are:

  • Clutch Failures
  • Transmission Failure (More common in the first generation)
  • Timing Chain rattle and noise (remember to change your oil)
  • Leaks in the water pump and thermostat housing
  • Radiator support damage
  • Electric power steering pumps

Though some of these issue are avoidable with maintenance, when the failure occurs, give us a call to find the right part.

Sell Your Mini for Cash

Steering Wheel for Mini Cooper

Our massive supply of used Mini parts is based on our ability to offer top dollar for scrap Mini Coopers. If the time has come to part with your vehicle, let Sturtevant Auto pay you cash for your clunker. You’ll get the money you want and we’ll get the parts we need. Your BMW will live on in the cars using its parts when you let us buy your salvage vehicle.

Volkswagen Logo

Recycled Rolls-Royce OEM Parts: The Right Fit the First Time

Classic never goes out of style, and recycled OEM Bentley parts never go out of stock. An accident can happen that are out of our control if you're trying to replace a part in your car, or if your car shop needs a Rolls Royce used part to fix a client's car, let us know.

When driving a luxury Rolls-Royce car, compromising the car with replacement cheap aftermarkets can be expensive. The parts may appear to be a great price but sometimes the pieces can:

  • Be made out of thinner metal that can deteriorate faster
  • Be made from non-matching plastic colors
  • Fade and yellow in the sun from a lower grade composite
  • Void the warranty of your car
  • Break easier

Luckily, new old stock and recycled OEM parts are the best solutions to replace quality pats in your car. With our 1500+ car lot rotating frequently, it isn't uncommon to find recycled OEM Porsche parts. Give us a call to see if we have your model in stock, or we can locate it for you with our supplier network. 

Salvage BMWs for Sale Are High Quality at a Low Price

Many Mini Coopers, Rolls Royce's and other BMWs we buy are actually in drivable condition. Instead of parting them out, we put them up for sale. High-quality BMWs are available for purchase at surprisingly low prices at Sturtevant Auto. There’s no reason to pay a dealer an inflated price for a used car. Get on the road for less with a new-to-you BMW from Sturtevant Auto.


Contact Sturtevant Auto for your BMW, Rolls Royce, Mini Cooper parts to keep yor auto on the road, no t in the garage.

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