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Used Saturn Parts near Milwaukee and Racine

Remember when Saturn burst on the automotive scene in 1991? GM had high hopes for them, but it sputtered out and they dropped the cars from their line in 2010. If you’re still driving one, GM dealers still have some parts available—but they’re getting harder to find, and far more expensive.

Lucky for you, there’s Sturtevant Auto. We get Saturns on our lot all the time, from the first S-Series models, to their Outlook SUV, the hulking Relay minivan & the sporty little Sky roadster.

Whether you need a new body panel, or are looking for an entire drivetrain for your Saturn, you can avoid the wild goose by checking with Sturtevant Auto. Maybe you need parts for the notoriously problem prone automatic transmission on Saturns. Maybe you just need a replacement windshield or glass for a window. Whatever you’re looking for, let us know. Email us or call 262-835-2300 and we’ll check our inventory. Even if we don’t have a donor car on the lot, we will track down the part you need.  

This is Where Saturn Owners Find Those Hard-to-Find Parts

Have you been to a Saturn dealership lately to pick up replacement parts for your Saturn? Of course not! With Saturn now a page in automotive history, the only place to get parts is from a salvage yard or online from someone selling aftermarket parts. In the south Milwaukee & Racine area, Sturtevant Auto is THE place for low prices on used OEM Saturn parts.

Bring Your Tools to Pick and Pull, Or Have Us Bust Our Knuckles

In the auto salvage business, Sturtevant Auto Salvage is what’s known as a “pick and pull” salvage yard. You bring your tools and harvest the parts you need from the cars on our lot. If you prefer, we can do the pulling for you. Just let us know what you’ve picked and we’ll send one of our guys to remove the part for you.

What if You Just Want to Get Rid of Your Saturn?

If the thrill is gone and all that’s left is a sorry heap of metal leaving oil stains on your driveway, consider selling your car to Sturtevant Auto. Ideally, you’d be able to drive it here so we can check it over and offer you a cash price. But if your car isn’t running, you can call us at 262-835-2914 and we’ll come to pick it up ourselves. You’ll receive payment before your junker even leaves your driveway.

Looking to Buy a Used Saturn?

Sturtevant Auto acquires its fair share of perfectly reliable used cars. Though our inventory is always changing, we may just have a used Saturn for way less than you'll find anywhere else. Call or contact us to see what we have in stock, or just stop in and see for yourself.

Cheap Used Auto Parts for Saturns

Used Cheap Car Batteries Milwaukee

Get a used battery for your Saturn at Sturtevant Auto

You might wonder if you can trust a used battery. We understand. Here’s the thing: most batteries have a service life of at least 6 years, and ALL batteries are stamped with a manufacture date. You can be sure a battery made within the past 6 years has life left. Come check out what’s under the hood on our lot. You can score an incredible deal on a perfectly good used battery for your Saturn. It doesn’t even need to come from a Saturn!Get parts -->

Used Body Parts Junk Yard Milwaukee

Body Panels & Bumpers for Saturns

Maybe you’re committed to keeping your Saturn running into the next century but have a dented quarter panel, making your ride feel low class. You need a replacement panel from another Saturn, and Sturtevant Auto Salvage is the most likely place to have it. If we don’t, we will find another salvage yard that has one and refer you to them. It’s just how we roll. Get parts -->

Used Engine Parts for Sale Milwaukee

Used OEM Engine Parts for Saturn Cars

If you own a Saturn, there’s a good chance you have a “check engine” light that’s permanently on, even if there seems to be no problem. Sooner or later, something is going to fail. Could be the starter, the alternator, a fuel pump or a cylinder head. Whatever it is, Sturtevant Auto Salvage will help you find an OEM replacement part. Get parts -->

Cheap Used Windshields Milwaukee

Replacement Windshields for Saturn Vehicles

Life behind the wheel of a Saturn will take a turn for the worse when you crack the windshield. Not only does it obstruct your view (or should we say “Vue”), it also compromises the structural integrity of your car in the event of a rollover accident. To make matters worse, a severely cracked windshield will also get you a citation from Officer Friendly. Don’t take chances. Get a great deal on a genuine OEM replacement windshield from Sturtevant Auto.Get parts -->

Cheap Used Tires in Milwaukee

Used Tires for Saturn Cars and SUVs

Going bald? Replace your worn out tires with an upgraded set from Sturtevant Auto. You can find countless used tires that fit Saturn models at incredibly low prices. We have a selection of tires with low mileage on them. Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, Cooper—you name it, we will either have it or find it for you. Whether you’re planning to keep your car or need a quick fix to make it easier to sell, used tires from Sturtevant Auto are a great way to go. Get parts -->

Cheap Used Chevy Transmission Parts Milwaukee

Used Transmissions and Parts for Your Saturn

Saturns were notorious for slipping transmissions. If you’re committed to keeping yours on the road, it’s worth looking into pulling one from another Saturn. Whether you need an entire transmission or just need bearings, a clutch linkage or an oil pan, you’ll find it at our Wisconsin salvage yard. Give us a ring or shoot us an email to let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll check our inventory and let you know if we’ve got a vehicle on the lot with the parts you need. Get parts -->

Used Headlights Milwaukee Pick and Pull

Great Prices on Used Saturn Headlights

Since Saturn has been defunct since 2010, you can’t get replacement headlights from your local Saturn dealer anymore. Even if you found a GM dealer with old inventory, you’d pay “stealership” prices. Your best option: Sturtevant Auto near Racine. We have a used headlight or tail light for your Saturn just waiting for you to come and get a screaming good deal on it. C’mon by and get it before you get ticketed for driving without a working headlight. Get parts -->

Used Junk Yard Side & Rear Mirrors Milwaukee

Best Deals on Used Side & Rear View Mirrors for Your Saturn

If you’re driving around with a broken or missing mirror, it doesn’t take long to realize how important they are. Wisconsin’s statutes require all motor vehicles driven on highways to have at least one mirror that allows the driver to see 200 ft. to the rear. The vanity mirror on your sun visor does not count. One mirror might have been fine in 1945, but with the maniacs on our roadways now, you absolutely need to see everything going on around you—and a full set of mirrors is the only way to do that. Whether you need side view mirrors or a rear view mirror, check with Sturtevant Auto. Get parts -->

Used Cheap Rims Milwaukee

Used Rims for Your Saturn Car

If you’ve checked the prices on new rims lately, you may be wondering if they started making them with precious metals. Shelling out $600 on a set of rims for an 8-year-old Saturn doesn’t make a lot of sense, especially when you can get a set of used, OEM rims for hundreds less at Sturtevant Auto. Even cars that have been totaled in accidents likely have rims that are perfectly good. We have just what you need at our salvage lot, and if we don’t, we’ll find it for you. Get parts -->

Used Cheap Suspension Parts Milwaukee

Used OEM Suspension Parts for Saturn Vehicles

Is your Saturn bouncing around on every little bump in the pavement? You probably need new shocks or struts. Likely both. Bounce on down to Sturtevant Auto. Our salvage yard frequently has Saturns on the lot. You can pull the parts you need or have us pull them for you. Wondering if they’ll work and what you’ll do if they don’t? Our 90-day warranty is your assurance. If any part you buy from us doesn’t work, just bring it back for a full refund. Get parts -->

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