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Used Mazda Parts

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Our inventory of Mazda parts include:

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Replacement Mazda Parts near Racine

Mazda produces 1.5 million cars every year, most of which were built in one of their Japanese plants. When you buy a replacement part straight from your dealer, you’re not just paying for the part. You’re paying for them to ship it all the way from Japan, too.

Instead of paying to send heavy machinery parts across the globe, find what you need at Sturtevant Auto. Our yard is full of OEM parts in perfect condition, just waiting for the right Mazda owner to come along and claim it. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll find it for you from another yard in the area.

Pick and Pull or Have a Mazda Professional Do it for You

Doesn’t it feel great to put some sweat into finding the replacement part you need all by yourself? If working on your Mazda is more of a hobby than a chore, you’re more than welcome to search through our yard and salvage the part you need on your own. 

Maybe cars aren’t your thing & you just need a replacement. That’s okay too. Our experienced professionals will get your part for you. Regardless of how you get your used Mazda part, Sturtevant Auto prides itself on providing the best quality part every time.

Done with your Mazda? We’ll buy it from You!

Maybe it’s damaged beyond repair (hey, you tried). Maybe it’s just been sitting there without being used for far too long. Either way, it’s time to get rid of it. If it still works, drive it down to Sturtevant Auto near Racine. We’ll make an offer on the spot.

Does your Mazda no longer run? Don’t worry! Give us a call & we’ll come out to you. There will be a check in your hand before it even leaves your driveway.

Looking to Buy a Used Mazda?

Sturtevant Auto acquires all sorts of perfectly road-worthy used Mazda cars. Our inventory is always changing, but chances are we have a used Mazda in our 1,000+ car inventory that will cost way less than anywhere else. Call or contact us to see what we have in stock, or just stop in and see for yourself.


Shop Pre-Owned Mazda Parts

Used Cheap Car Batteries Milwaukee

Used Mazda Batteries near Racine

No matter how well your Mazda runs, eventually you need to have the battery replaced. Finding a battery for your Mazda can be expensive. There’s no need to pay full price on a battery from your dealer when there are countless Mazda batteries right in our salvage yard with years of life still left in them. Get parts -->

Used Body Parts Junk Yard Milwaukee

Body Bumpers & Panels for all Mazda Models

When you get into a fender bender so severe that you damage your Mazda’s framework, let Sturtevant Auto find you a replacement. From doors to hoods, we can replace any Mazda body part for less than your dealer.Get parts -->

Used Engine Parts for Sale Milwaukee

Replacement Engine Parts Milwaukee areaMazdas

When you’re looking for the best deal on OEM Mazda parts, check Sturtevant Auto first. Even if we don’t have the Mazda engine part you need, we will find someone who does. You don’t have to do any of the work. Get parts -->


Cheap Used Windshields Milwaukee

Used Mazda Windshield Replacements

You don’t need to pay full price for a replacement windshield from your Mazda dealer. Come on down to Sturtevant Auto where we can find you a windshield for the exact Mazda model you’re looking for at a fraction of the price.Get parts -->

Cheap Used Tires in Milwaukee

Discount Tires for all Mazda Models

Have you waited too long to replace those leaky tires? Come to Sturtevant Auto for like-new replacements. Even if we can’t find the tires you’re looking for, we’ll find them for you at another Milwaukee area salvage yard. Get parts -->

Cheap Used Chevy Transmission Parts Milwaukee

Replacement Mazda Transmission

Most Mazda owners choose to replace faulty transmission instead of putting in the effort (and money) to take it apart and try to fix it. That’s where Sturtevant Auto comes in. All we need from you is the year & model of your Mazda. We’ll find all the parts you need. Get parts -->

Used Headlights Milwaukee Pick and Pull

Low Price Mazda Headlights

When your headlight gets damaged, you can probably track down a replacement at a Mazda dealer. But it’ll cost you. Before you go broke replacing a tiny light, check with Sturtevant Auto. If we don’t have the headlight you need, we’ll find one at another local salvage yard. Get parts -->

Used Junk Yard Side & Rear Mirrors Milwaukee

Replacement Mazda Mirrors

No matter which mirror needs replacing, Sturtevant Auto has plenty of replacement Mazda mirrors on our lot. We offer the same quality OEM product at a much lower cost than you’d pay to have it replaced at your Mazda dealer. Get parts -->

Used Cheap Rims Milwaukee

Find Discounted Rims for any Mazda Model

You’ll save hundreds of dollars when you get your Mazda replacement parts from Sturtevant Auto. With countless models in our lot, we have parts available at a fraction of the cost you’d pay your dealer. Get parts -->

Used Cheap Suspension Parts Milwaukee

Find a Suspension to fit your Mazda

If you’re looking for a new shock or strut assembly, come down to Sturtevant Auto. We provide top quality used Mazda products at a fraction of what you’d pay at the dealer. If we don’t have it in our lot, we’ll find what you need at the next best lot. Get parts -->

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