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Used Hummer Parts

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Used Hummer Parts between Milwaukee and Racine

With its boxy size and rugged styling, the Hummer was one of the most unique SUVs to hit the road. You either loved it or recoiled in horror. If you’re reading this, chances are good you’re one of those who loved it. But, alas, Hummer closed operations in May of 2010, leaving Hummer owners left to scrounge for leftover parts wherever they can find them. Thanks, GM! Fortunately, there are some aftermarket suppliers catering to Hummer owners. If you’re on a budget, or if you need a body panel or a bumper, your best option is to check with a salvage yard. Sturtevant Auto at your service!

Our inventory of Hummer parts include:

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Where Hummer Owners Find Those Hard-to-Find Parts

You can’t order Hummer parts from GM anymore.  Sure, there are aftermarket specialty shops for Hummer parts, but for the best deals you need to check with salvage yards. Sturtevant Auto is your best bet for finding . Although many of the Hummers we get on our lot were totaled in accidents, there are plenty of working parts on them. For instance, a Hummer with a demolished front end still has plenty of pristine parts on the rest of the car.

Bring Your Tools to Pick and Pull, Or Have Us Remove the Parts You Need

Sturtevant Auto Salvage is a “pick and pull” salvage yard. You bring your tools and unbolt the parts you need from the cars on our lot. If you’d rather not hassle with this, we can do the pulling for you. Just let us know what you’ve picked and we’ll send out one of our guys to pull the part for you.

Is the Thrill Gone? We’ll Buy Your Used Hummer, Running or Not.

Has your Hummer become a fixed object in your driveway? Consider selling it to us. If the car still has a little life in it, come to our salvage yard so we can look it over and offer you a cash price. You can also call us at 262-835-2914 and let us know what you’ve got. If you like our offer, we’ll send a truck to come pick it up. You’ll have a check in your hand before we even leave your property.

Looking to Buy a Used Hummer?

Sturtevant Auto acquires all sorts of perfectly reliable used cars, trucks, & SUVs. Our inventory is always changing, but we just might have a used Hummer in our 1,000+ car inventory that will cost way less than anywhere else. Call or contact us to see what we have in stock, or just stop in and see for yourself.


Cheap Used Auto Parts for Hummers

Used Cheap Car Batteries Milwaukee

Used Batteries for Hummer SUVs

Batteries have a service life of about 6 years. If yours is older than that, it’s only a matter of time before you’re stranded somewhere at the most inopportune time. Why risk it? You can get a great replacement battery for your Hummer at Sturtevant Auto for less than a new battery. Since all Hummer batteries bear a stamp or an imprint indicating their date of manufacturer, you’ll know how old it is and you’ll have a good idea of how many years of use you’ll get out of it. Let us know what size battery your Hummer takes & we’ll find exactly what you need.Get parts -->

Used Body Parts Junk Yard Milwaukee

Body Panels and Bumpers for Hummers near Milwaukee

If you back into a cart corral at the grocery store, or some idiot runs into the side of your Hummer, you’re going to need some bodywork. In most cases, this means replacement body panels. Since Hummer is now a defunct brand, your local GM dealer will be no help… but Sturtevant Auto will! Let us know what body parts you need and we’ll let you know if we’ve got a donor vehicle on our lot. If we don’t, we’ll check around and let you know if there’s another salvage yard in the area that has what you need.Get parts -->

Used Engine Parts for Sale Milwaukee

Used OEM Engine Parts for Hummers

Many of the engine components Hummer used can still be obtained through GM’s AC Delco division. Others can be found online. If you’re looking for the best deal possible on OEM Hummer parts, check with Sturtevant Auto first. Hummer hasn’t been out of business that long, so any Hummers on our lot have pristine engine parts. Check with us before you go on a wild (and expensive) goose chase to find the part you need.Get parts -->

Cheap Used Windshields Milwaukee

Used Replacement Windshields for Hummers

Did a rock get kicked up from a truck in front of you and do a number on your windshield? Did some thug smash your passenger window because he thought surely there must be something worth stealing inside your awesome Hummer? Whatever ruined the glass on your Hummer, you’ll want to check with Sturtevant Auto before you shell out big bucks to an auto glass company.Get parts -->

Cheap Used Tires in Milwaukee

Used Tires for Hummer Vehicles

As you may have noticed, big tires tend to cost big money. Have you priced a new set of rubber for a Hummer? It’s insane. Before you sell a kidney to get replacement tires, get in touch with Sturtevant Auto. Even if we don’t have a Hummer on our lot, we may have the humongous tires you need from another vehicle. And if we don’t, we can check around and let you know if there’s another Milwaukee area salvage yard that has what you need. Would we really do that? Absolutely. It’s just how we roll. Get parts -->

Cheap Used Chevy Transmission Parts Milwaukee

Replacement Hummer Transmission

If you’re experiencing problems with the transmission in your Hummer, you’re not alone. The H3 in particular was known for transmission problems, ranging from slipped gears to transmissions that simply refused to engage particular gears. Taking apart a transmission is a major undertaking, so most Hummer owners opt for simply having it replaced—which is where Sturtevant Auto comes in. Let us know what year & model you have, and we’ll find you the parts you need.Get parts -->

Used Headlights Milwaukee Pick and Pull

Reasonably Priced Hummer Headlights

Just because the headlights on a Hummer are about chest high doesn’t mean they’re immune to gravel and other debris kicked up by trucks on the highway. And, of course, a fender bender involving any other oversized SUV or pickup will easily take out a headlamp or tail light. You can probably track down a new one at a GM dealer somewhere in the US, but it’ll cost you. Before you go broke replacing your headlight, check with Sturtevant Auto. If we don’t have the headlight you need, we’ll find one at another local salvage yard. Get parts -->

Used Junk Yard Side & Rear Mirrors Milwaukee

Used Mirrors for Your Hummer

Don’t drive around with a broken or missing mirror. If you do, it won’t take long before you either get a ticket or your own Hummer ends up in the salvage yard. According to Wisconsin statutes, in order to drive on the highway, all motor vehicles must have at least one mirror that allows the driver to see 200 ft. behind them. This does not include the vanity mirror. With the speed & disregard people drive with today, it’s imperative to be able to see all around you with a full set of mirrors. Whether you need a rear view or side view mirrors, Sturtevant Auto will track down what you need. Get parts -->

Used Cheap Rims Milwaukee

Replace your Hummer Rims at a Reasonable Price

Save hundreds of dollars by getting your replacement rims from Sturtevant Auto instead of the other guys. Ever since they ceased production of Hummers in 2010, replacement parts are not only hard to find, but they’ve jacked up the prices for the parts you do track down. Not here. We have countless rims to choose from on our auto lot. If we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, we will find it for you so you don’t have to give yourself a headache just trying to get the parts you need to get from one place to another. Get parts -->

Used Cheap Suspension Parts Milwaukee

The Perfect Suspension for your Hummer

Milwaukee potholes get worse with each passing year. If you got tired of making yourself carsick by swerving to dodge all the bumps, you’re likely looking for a new shock and strut assembly. Do not try to squeeze another few years out of your current suspension by constantly paying to have them fixed. A used set of OEM shocks is your least expensive option. Come to Sturtevant Auto to find exactly what you need at the most reasonable price you’ll find. Let us know the year & model of your Hummer so we can find the shocks and struts you need. Whether we have it on our yard, or if we have to track it down for you, we do the work so you can start driving with peace of mind as soon as possible. Get parts -->

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