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Milwaukee Salvage Yard Even Buys Cars with Dirty Titles

We Don’t Need a Clean Title to Buy Your Junk Car

Van with Smashed Front End and Dirty Title to Sell to Milwaukee Area Junk YardHave a car with a dirty title and can’t get rid of it? Insurance companies won’t underwrite it. Dealers don’t want it. Most people steer clear of them. Your choices rapidly dwindle when your car has a dirty title. Fortunately for you, Sturtevant Auto may buy your junk car with a dirty title to salvage it.

We pride ourselves on having the widest selection of used auto parts in southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

When your insurance company denies coverage on a car with a salvage or dirty title, you’re not entirely out of luck. We’ll pay you to take it off your hands. For us, it’s a source for valuable, used replacement car parts.

Even though a car with a salvage or dirty title experiences a hit in value, we will give you a good price for it, better than any other salvage yard in the Racine area.

Having Trouble Selling a Car with a Dirty Title?

Insurance companies shy away from covering cars with a salvage or dirty titles. People are afraid to buy them because then they’d be stuck trying to find an insurer. The car can’t be used without insurance, so it seems like you’re stuck.

The car’s working parts are still valuable, though, and we want them.

If you have a car with a dirty title you’d like to exchange for some quick cash, give us a call. We’ll discuss your options. Tell us the year, make, model and brief car history and we’ll do what we can to purchase your car with a dirty title and put money in your pocket!

Contact our Kenosha junk yard professionals for more details on selling your car with a dirty title.
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