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When to Buy Winter Tires & All-Season Tires

The Pros & Cons of All-Season Tires


  • Don't have to change each season.
  • Don't wear quickly in summer.
  • Low rolling resistance for better mileage.


  • No extreme benefits in winter or summer.
  • More prone to sliding in winter.
  • More prone to spinning in winter.

All-Season tires are the imperfect middle ground between seasonal tires. They're designed to do fine in both, but don't excel in either. There are many factors to consider when deciding which tires you should use, but typically you should choose All-Season tires if:

  1. You live in a moderate climate.
  2. You don't often drive on ice.
  3. You don't often drive in the snow.
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    The Pros & Cons of Winter Tires


    • Softer rubber for better grip in low temps.
    • Better acceleration in snow.
    • Excellent stopping power in snow.
    • Improved handling on snow and ice.


    • Softer rubber wears faster.
    • Not practical in warm weather.
    • Must change each season.

    Everyone in Wisconsin has had to drive through snow at one point or another. It'd be a safe bet to say that most have slid through a stop sign or spun their tires trying to go up a hill or accelerating on green lights. While 4-wheel drive will help prevent spinning tires in snow, winter tires will help you brake on ice. That being said, we'd recommend getting winter tires if:

    Winter Tires in Wisconsin

    Which should you choose?

    If you're from where we're from - the Midwest - we'd recommend a set of winter tires to get you through the winter. Winter tires will add an extra degree of safety when snow and ice present much more hazardous roads. It's better to be safe than sorry this year. You might even end up pulling your friends, family, and neighbors out of a snowbank this winter.

    Check out our inventory of tires on sale for way less than anywhere else.

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