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How Do I Sell a Recalled Car?

Dealership Won't Buy Your Recalled Car? We Will!

Recalled Airbag

Good Luck Selling a Car with a Faulty Airbag

Dealership Won't Buy Your Recalled Car? We Will!

Selling a car with recalls is challenging. Many popular cars on the road today have incomplete recall work. Sturtevant Auto has a simple step-by-step guide to help you sell your recalled car. 

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9 Steps to Selling a Recalled Car

  1. Drive your deathtrap to the dealership and speak with a salesperson
  2. Wait for salesperson to inspect your car
  3. Groan as the salesperson explains they won’t buy your car due to numerous recall warnings
  4. Try to sell your car to a private buyer
  5. Groan again because no one wants to buy an unsafe car
  6. Google “how to sell a recalled car”
  7. Read this article
  8. Call Sturtevant Auto
  9. Get paid cash when we pick up your car

Why Can’t I Sell a Recalled Car?

A dealer who buys your recalled car needs to ship it over to a branded dealership to get the recall fixed, pay for the parts and labor, and ship it back to their lot. By the time the recalled car is sold the dealer will be lucky to break even. Plus, recalled cars are dangerous. A recalled airbag is a time bomb waiting to launch shrapnel into the driver’s face.

Would you buy a car if it had a landmine for a steering wheel? No. No you would not - but we would!

Instead of getting pennies from a dealer, get cash from Sturtevant Auto. We don’t care how dangerous your car is, we’ll still buy it. Recalled airbags, seatbelts, exhaust systems, or a gas pedal that sticks to the floor? When can we pick it up? Your recalled car is worth more in parts and scrap metal. Parting it out yourself is time consuming. Find the value of your recalled car when you sell it to Sturtevant Auto.

Popular Cars with Recalls

According to some estimates, more than 25% of recalled cars have not been fixed. Your used car likely has uncompleted recall work and is unsafe. Your recalled car could need anything from new taillights to an entire fuel system. Your Ford, Honda or GM car could be a death trap.

Common Ford Recalls

  • 1976-1980 Fords would slip out of park
  • 1988-1996 Fords had faulty ignition switches
  • 1997 Ford F150s had recalls on fuel systems, lug nuts, leaf springs, and more
  • 1998-2005 Ford F150s had recalls on fuel systems
  • 2000 Ford Windstar vans had faulty leaf springs which corroded easily
  • 2005 Ford Explorers had fuel systems which could explode

Common GM Recalls

  • 1971 – Any GM vehicle from this year had faulty engine mounts
  • 1990 Chevy Luminas had faulty seatbelts
  • 1995 Chevy Blazers had faulty fuel and ABS systems
  • 2000 Chevy Silverados had faulty ABS systems
  • 2002 GMC Envoy engine cooling systems could cause fires
  • 2004 GMC Sierras had faulty ABS systems

Common Honda Recalls

  • 2003 Honda Accords had faulty transmissions
  • 2001-2004 Honda Civics had faulty transmissions
  • 2002 Honda CR-Vs had faulty airbags
  • 2003 Honda Pilots had faulty transmissions
  • 2005 Honda Odysseys had faulty steering
  • 2007 Honda Civics had excessive tire wear

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